Feb. 11th, 2012


Feb. 11th, 2012 10:32 am
pikestaff: (River)
More and more I'm really unimpressed with my job, especially since that whole fiasco yesterday. I'm really tempted to apply for a passport, and then as soon as that's finalized just quit, hop on a plane, and spend a few weeks with Hux and not worry about a new job until I come back. Unfortunately that's not terribly feasible since I'll need money saved up to pay my monthly bills in the interim. I've got about $300 in a savings account for that express purpose right now but I'll probably want at least twice that as a bare minimum.

I only got $300 back for my tax refund and every penny of it is getting saved for passport + eye doctor & new glasses (my eyesight has gotten noticeably worse over the past year.)

So meh, I guess I've just gotta stick around and save up more dosh.

Maybe I should get serious with publishing again? I think I'll finally take a good look at getting a hard copy of "Windshifter" out, and maybe email that one publisher again (that showed interest last year) and see if they'll change their mind.

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