Feb. 12th, 2012

A Dream

Feb. 12th, 2012 09:19 am
pikestaff: (Twilight Sparkle - Crazy!)
Last night I had a dream that X-Com was real and we were really being invaded by sectoids and the like and I was a spy who could sneak undercover into the alien base. So I did, and there I discovered that not only were all of the aliens raising cute little baby aliens who were going to alien Sunday School, but also that most of the adults were in mourning because apparently Brian Reynolds had just died and the alien species' favorite game ever was SMAC, so they were in a species-wide state of mourning. Part of their bizarre mourning ritual was to bury themselves alive for a little while (the aliens had some sort of ability that allowed them to shut off breathing for a while and still live) and because I was disguised as one of them they made me do this, also.

Then I panicked because obviously I can't breathe when I'm covered in dirt, but then I remembered that I had a teleport ability so once I was underground I teleported back to base. Things were normal for a while and then I noticed that my hands were turning into bright pink hooves because I was starting to turn into a pony, which apparently happens as a side-effect of teleporting.

At this point home base started to really worry because apparently I really needed hands and not hooves for my next mission, which was to create a comprehensive image comparing all Paradox games because HQ was tired of people going into Grand Strategy General on /v/ and asking "WHAT GAME IS THIS?" or "WHICH ONE SHOULD I PLAY". So then I was in charge of making an image comparing all of the Paradox games and I very carefully and painstakingly did so, taking special care to point out that Darkest Hour was better than Hearts of Iron 3 without making it sound too obviously biased. (It was also about at this point that Huxley showed up out of nowhere, gave me a rather bizarre looking ring to put on my finger, and then promptly disappeared again.)

Then I had to rush the image because IT HAS TO BE FINISHED NOW BECAUSE IT'S CHRISTMAS MORNING AND YOU NEED TO COME UPSTAIRS FOR PRESENTS so I was on my way upstairs and then I woke up.

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