Mar. 4th, 2013

pikestaff: (Devious Snaps)
Well I'm fairly certain that most people have figured this out by now but I think I'm pretty much done with LiveJournal. I never update anymore, 95% of my friends' list doesn't update anymore (and most haven't in years), and most of you have me on various other social networks anyway. I've got nearly ten years of history on this site and a lot has happened in those ten years, both good and bad, which I'm not gonna sit here and recap, but things are going decently at the moment, I suppose. I'm still in retail, but it's the tolerable side of retail, I'm going to England in two weeks, and I seem to be on track to finally joining the adult world at some point in the next two years or so. Not bad overall.

Anyways, I wouldn't expect many new entries here in the future, if at all. If you want to contact me I'm pikestaff on... pretty much everywhere. Twitter, Tumblr, Steam, Facebook (yes Facebook.) Feel free to look me up and add me on any of those and I'll add you back... let me know who you are first.

Stay chilly, free willies!

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