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Birthdate:Dec 22
Location:Montana, United States of America
Website:Misadventures of a Clockwork Hare
Linux geek, F/OSS nut, serialblogger, amateur horologist, armchair general, and pre-operative robot. Makes things! Likes the past and the future and combining the two. Plays a lot of video games and then writes about them. Writes about other stuff, too. Daydream believer. (But not a homecoming queen.)

I'm a child of the Rocky Mountains; I leave sometimes but I always end up coming back. I'm quite okay with that. At least, I will be until we figure out how to fly to Alpha Centauri.

I like new LJ friends; feel free to friend me :3 A good number of my entries are public, if you'd like a preview.


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"Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it." -Sir Henry Royce

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'splodies, airships, androids, animals in waistcoats, avogadro's number, civilization, curling, doing science to things, endless space, epic maneuvers, film noir, free/open source software, gnu slash linux, hacking the gibson, horology, ice cream, iron man, linux, morrowind, my little pony, neopets, paradox's spreadsheet simulators, pipe wrench fights, pitagora suicchi, pocket watches, pruning my interests list, quare gunks, removing kebab, retro-futurism, robots, science fiction, shinies, sid meier's alien crossfire, sid meier's alpha centauri, simcity, star trek, starcraft, steampunk, the clockwork quartet, the elder scrolls, timepieces, tiny mechanical things, vidya gaems, warcraft, watches, x-com, ⚙
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