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Also I blew up half of a continent

Also global warming is flooding the world

Also I have to hurry and ascend to godhood with Planet before the water wipes out all my bases

And I have to beat Miriam to it; we're basically neck and neck

And we're locked in this brutal war without respite

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...but they look pretty cool.

These were made out of: toilet paper rolls, a static-free bag that came with my latest hard drive, buttons, a strip of elastic, some ribbon, gold spray paint, and lots and lots and LOTS of masking tape.

You can't see it, but there is also a polished brass safety pin in back, my logic being that nothing says "Victorian era" like polished brass, and nothing says "punk" like a safety pin. FEAR MY WIT.

Horrible action shot in which you can see that they are crooked (this will be fixed after work today):

This project helped to cheer me up a bit from my ongoing money woes... which are ongoing despite my best efforts. I have a lot of "plans in action" mostly involving shopping around for cheaper insurance or getting a new (cheaper) car loan, but it's the surviving UNTIL THEN that is killing me. =S
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Yesterday I had to solve the Mysterious Case of the Mysteriously Full Hard Drive.

And then a freak power outage at work knocked the entire fish system out of whack and a few coworkers and I got to spend a few hours fixing it.

I would just like to thank the powers-on-high for making things break on me because my life would be obscenely dull otherwise.

(I mean this with all sincerity.)

In other news, it has occurred to me that because I have a metal wire glued to my bottom teeth as a retainer, I am officially a cyborg. <3

So guys

Mar. 7th, 2010 08:56 pm
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"Popular Science" magazine scanned all of their archives all the way back to their first issue in 1872, and put them online for free: http://www.popsci.com/archives

This may possibly be the best day of my life.


Feb. 28th, 2010 08:12 pm
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I was going to say "I'm kind of sad that the olympics are over" but then I realized that I'm actually just sad that curling is over.


THAT'S OKAY, because I found my Game Boy Advance & games (which were in hiding for like a year) and now I'm getting addicted to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance all over again <3 and Pokemon FireRed <3 <3

And some people from church brought over tasty food. I have no idea what it is, but it's delicious. (It's some sort of pork thing, I think.)
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I've been reading various lists that were made in the year 1900 regarding "What life will be like in the year 2000". Some of them even have pictures.

So far, this picture is the best:

This is what they thought school would be like in the year 2000. And it totally owns us. I mean, look at that. They don't go into detail explaining it, but from what I can tell, they have a machine that liquefies books, turning them into pure knowledge that is then delivered via wire to electrodes hooked up to your brain. Sucks to be the detention kid, though. He has to sit there and crank the machine.

Man, we really dropped the ball, you guys. We were also supposed to have steam-powered weather machines by now:

Epic fail... or epoch fail? (*groans*)
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...because it had to be done.
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I was going to focus on writing today but then I got an invite to go see "Sherlock Holmes".

For the record, two hours of Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law in late 19th century suits is like My One Weakness. ...okay, I have several One Weaknesses. BUT COME ON. So I accepted, post haste.

So I FREAKING LOVED THIS MOVIE. CAPS LOCK. TRU LUV 4EVER. Now to be fair, I haven't read very much of the books. And perhaps my opinion would have been different if I had. But guys. List of things in this movie:

1.) Hot guys in period clothes
2.) Sherlock Holmes, doing that... Sherlock Holmes thing. The one where he looks at a guy for two seconds and is all ZOMG I KNOW YOUR LIFE STORY. He does this several times, in detail. <3
3.) Tesla coil cattle prod thingy
4.) Giant machine thingy that is controlled by a brass-plated remote control
5.) Hot guys in period clothes
6.) Awesome hats
7.) Epic moments of hilarity
8.) Chick wearing a really awesome vest outfit thing, which I want
9.) Sherlock Holmes putting a bunch of flies in a jar and doing violin-related experiments on them
10.) Hot guys in period clothes

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So in a random moment of OCD today, I decided that my keyboard (which I have had since... 2006 I think?) was disgusting, so I unplugged it, pried off all the keys one by one with a screwdriver, and cleaned out the whole inside (as well as all the individual keys) with rubbing alcohol and Q-tips. The whole project took about an hour.


* Completely random keys will be the dirtiest. My F9 key was really gooey. I have no idea why. I NEVER USE THE F KEYS. Tab and Caps Lock were pretty bad too.

* The inside of my keyboard consisted of about 50% crumbs and 50% disturbingly large dust bunnies. The sheer number of dust bunnies caught me off guard.

* The spacebar key is a tricky little bugger and comes with a little metal bar that has to be set in exactly the right place when you put it back. Otherwise it only works half the time.


Nov. 8th, 2009 10:16 am
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Yesterday at work I had a frank conversation with a four-year-old boy about Transformers.

We discussed how awesome Bumblebee is.
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It's been a long time since I made a WoW post, partially cause that's what my blog is for, and partially cause honestly I'm not playing so much these days, but I took this random screenshot of me the other day and it amuses me endlessly for some reason, and I wanted to share it somewhere... so enjoy =P

(I mean seriously, Jack o' Lantern head + Mechanostrider + Grunty... it just makes me giggle xD)
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So I redid my "alter ego intarwebs character" again. Instead of being a hare, or a robot, I am now a steam-powered robotic hare that wears classy attire and lived in Steampunksville about 150 years ago.

Seriously I don't think even the furries would want me at this point =[

Welp, now that I've accepted my fate, it's off to make El Jay icons and the like...
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No, guys, I'm serious. Go listen to this: http://www.clockworkquartet.com/the-doctor.php and tell me it's not amazing and BEGGING TO BE MADE INTO A MUSICAL OF SOME SORT.

Best part: It's all Creative Commons and free to download <3 Now if only they'd put up more than two songs...
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We had this meeting at work where we all had to watch this super dorky movie. It actually wasn't bad because they had pizza and pop and brownies and stuff. Anyways, choice reactions from my coworkers:

Exhibit A:
Cheesy Movie: "One of the best dog foods I like to recommend is Science Diet!"
All of Us, In Near-Unison: "...snnnrrrrrk."

Exhibit B:
Cheesy Movie: "We have to ask the customers probing questions! Probing!"
One of my managers: "Heehee... probing."

Exhibit C:
Cheesy Movie "Customer": "Oooh, I'll pick this one! *grabs bag of Science Diet*"+
Another one of my managers (imitating the customer): "IT'S SHINY! IT HAS BLUE ON IT!"

Exhibit D:
"Inspirational Speech" given to us by one of the managers:
"I know retail sucks, and we all hate coming into work every day, but you have to remember, in the end, you're helping out dogs and cats and making a difference in their lives. Every single day, I never cease to be amazed by how stupid some of our customers are. Their pets need all the help that they can get."
The rest of us: General applause and cheering

I gotta say, while retail does suck, this is one of the better places to be if you have to do it. I also gotta say, much to the chagrin of all the superhardcore pet people who love to talk smack about pet stores, good luck finding a more knowledgeable group of people than the folks at my store. Just sayin'.


+ If there was a classroom full of anthropomorphic pet foods, Science Diet would be the rich kid who thinks he's super great and whose parents have all the connections, but actually everybody else secretly makes fun of him and scribbles pictures of him in their notebook, giving him buckteeth and a propeller hat. /petstorehumor
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"ScienceDaily (July 27, 2009) — Oxford scientists have created a transparent form of aluminium by bombarding the metal with the world’s most powerful soft X-ray laser. ‘Transparent aluminium’ previously only existed in science fiction, featuring in the movie Star Trek IV, but the real material is an exotic new state of matter with implications for planetary science and nuclear fusion."

Scotty would be proud.

This is the best invention ever.
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linkskywalker14: Hey, maybe it's 6 seconds until evocate!
UberGir21: ...no
UberGir21: that's wrong
linkskywalker14: nyoro~n

...so in other news, I want ice cream but all my bowls are dirty because I stuck them all in the dishwasher before work and then forgot to start it. I'm brilliant, aren't I?


Aug. 31st, 2009 02:54 pm
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I love how I've been playing StarCraft for ten years and while the graphics are quite dated at this point, the actual gameplay itself hasn't aged a day. In fact, it's rather spoiled me; I've got Real Time Strategy games running in my blood, it's easily my favorite video game genre, but stuff like Command & Conquer, Age of Empires, and WarCraft 3 I can only play for so long before I get frustrated and run back to the greatness that is StarCraft. Can't wait for the sequel. <3

Also, I like my new icon. It's the March Hare from Alice and Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass. I read those books a lot when I was a kid, and the movie was fun too~
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Warning: The following blog post contains graphic Linux imagery. Reader discretion is advised.

So most everyone knows at this point that I am of the opinion that KDE > Gnome, however, every so often I get the urge to give Gnome another shot. It inevitably culminates in something causing me to run back to KDE. But anyways, this time I was sort of wanting to try something different, so I booted up Gnome instead of KDE. I think I got farther this time than I have in the past-- probably been Gnome a couple days now. This is my Gnome desktop:

It's purdy. Also, I totally have a crush on Mega Man. True story. *cough*

I enabled Compiz because I like it a lot and it plays nicer with Gnome than it does with KDE in my experience. So I also have all these pretty desktop effects and stuff that I really like. It sooooorta interferes with WoW a little and causes it to randomly crash but it doesn't do it very frequently and I figure that the trade-off is worth it because I'm totally a sucker for pretty desktop effects.

Another awesome thing I really like about Gnome: The "Up" button on folders. KDE got rid of this recently for some reason that I cannot fathom.

Things I wasn't too fond of: lack of Ctrl+Alt+Escape (there's probably another keybind for the same effect but I'm lazy), less customization options overall, etc.

ANYWAYS. I was sort of starting to enjoy the purdyness of Gnome+Compiz and then I discovered something horrible. Namely, Gnome+Compiz does NOT play well with taking screenshots in World of Warcraft. Example:

(Why yes, it did take me fifty million years to beat Heroic Oculus)

Looks normal from the outset, but if you take a good look at it, it's all screwed up and tilted and stuff.

In addition, the Gnome screenshot program is inferior to the KDE screenshot program and Gnome also fails to also save a backup screenshot in the WoW screenshot folder.

Soooo, it looks like I'm going back to KDE again because although Gnome+Compiz > KDE... KDE > Gnome-without-Compiz, and I take a lot of screenshots for my blog so it looks like disabling Compiz is gonna have to happen.

Someday I'll get to use my shiny Compiz...

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