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By posting on LiveJournal so I can say I did so on a leap day!
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I figure I should make an Official Last Post of 2011 but I'm having trouble thinking of anything interesting to say that I haven't already said previously. The year started out rough but seemed to get better as we went along. I feel pretty good about having published a book. I think I'm going to take a break from draft-writing and launch into editing one of my finished drafts. Maybe if I'm lucky, I can have something new published by the summer.

Goals this year: Visit Huxley, get a new job, publish another book, write another book, and play all 160-odd games I've got on Steam.

Gonna be great.

Happy New Year everyone!


Dec. 25th, 2011 06:50 am
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Merry Christmas everyone! <3 Going to go see the new Sherlock Holmes movie later. Feels good to have survived Christmas in retail, although of course here comes the post-Christmas rush and returns :( In my experience, Boxing Day has always been just as bad as (if not worse than) Black Friday. Yes, even in the U.S. At least I don't work until the afternoon/evening, I suppose!

Anyways, I hope you all have a great holiday!


Dec. 14th, 2011 06:46 pm
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Hux got me an Xbox 360 + Skyrim for my birthday/Christmas.

I love that boy and I hope I get to keep him forever. <333
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Little Drummer Boy is my favorite because it's about some poor kid whose only talent is being creative and I can relate.

This, however. This puts tears in my eyes:

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This will probably end up being a somewhat pointless post, but I wanted to post a recap of the year.

Out of all the years of my life this one probably had the most highs and lows. Between parents divorcing, being uprooted and moving across country with little notice, leaving a job that I enjoyed very much, my relationship ending, ongoing health issues, and that scary month and a half of unemployment, well... I'm sure you all had to put up with enough of my whining to last forever.

But then this last week happened. I got a very nice art tablet for Christmas (one of the better ones, from what I can tell), which I was not expecting. Work informed me that due to my willingness to come in if they need me, even on my days off, I will now be a permanent employee and not just seasonal. (They don't know where they're going to put me yet... but I'm sticking around.)

Then a publisher said they wanted to read my novel.

...and then, I got a paycheck that was unbelievably bigger than I anticipated it would be (commissions apparently pay a heck of a lot), and if that keeps up even CLOSE to that, then paying-off-my-debts and eventually becoming self-sufficient again is looking like a reasonable goal for the first time in months.

There is a part of me that's still not ready to believe all of this yet, as though I'm expecting the universe to go all "LOL I TROL U :trollface:" any moment now and take it all back, but hopefully that's not the case. So come on, 2011... don't be a hater.

Happy New Years, world!
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I think I finally figured out Facebook. Basically, it's just like Twitter, except with quizzes and photos and stuff. That works for me because that way I can use Twitter for all my lovely Internet friends and Facebook for my more IRL-oriented friends, so I have friends all around <3

(Don't worry, I still need an LJ to blab on. As well as my millions of blogs, etc.)


I'm actually liking the Christmas music they're playing at work. Maybe it's because they actually play quality songs here, like The Little Drummer Boy. I'm going to let you guys in on a secret, and I don't care if it sounds silly: I was reeeeeally close to being all "bawwww ;_;" when they played The Little Drummer Boy today because of this line:

Little Baby, pa rum pa pom pom
I am a poor boy too, pa rum pa pom pom
I have no gift to bring, pa rum pa pom pom
That's fit to give the King, pa rum pa pom pom,
rum pa pom pom, rum pa pom pom.

Shall I play for you, pa rum pa pom pom,
On my drum?

And suddenly I had this epiphany where I realized that I know exactly what it feels like to be the Little Drummer Boy, whose only gift to the world is this intangible artsy one and you hope that this most humble of gifts might make someone happy, and it really got to me and I KNOW IT'S CHEESY, SHUT UP.

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I am not a particularly patriotic person. I think it's largely because of this whole internet/connected culture that we have going on. National boundaries dissolve when you have friends all over the world. With these dissolved boundaries come new internet based subcultures. No longer do we define ourselves as American or [insert country here], but by some hobby that we partake of or care about.

It is also, I think, because the U.S. is so big and diverse. Here in Montana I feel very little kinship with someone from, say, southern California or something. This is perhaps why, if I feel any sort of location-based loyalty, it is inevitably to my town or state. My world is one of mountains and big fields and snow eight months out of the year, and having to drive a hundred miles to get anywhere useful. A world where cowboys and artists and paleontologists rub shoulders as they pass the 150-year-old buildings on Main Street. The last stop tourists make before they go to Yellowstone National Park. But it's my home, and anywhere outside of it might as well be a foreign country.

ALL OF THAT SAID, I still really appreciate the sacrifices and hard work that went into making this country what it is. We're not perfect, but we're sure as heck better off than a lot of other places out there, and I think it would be remiss of me to not acknowledge that.

Also I still think that American History, up until about the mid 20th century or so, is one of the most fascinating things ever. <3

Mood for this post is Thoughtful. Be sure to mark this down on your Pike Bingo Card!

(You can probably mark down the "fangirling over various historical figures/events" on your Pike Bingo Card as well)
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Also this, because I'm a geek:

I love Free Software!
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This is how today went:

* Woke up early. Went to parents' house.

* Got some presents. The best of which is a pocketwatch which I am wearing and am going to wear every day for the rest of forever. I can't wait until the weather gets nicer, which is when I shall be able to hook it to a belt loop on my trenchcoat and walk around with those and a fedora.

* There is an Xbox360 at my parents' household. We played a game called "BlazBlue" which is a fighting game. There is a character in a cat outfit named Taokaka and she is baaaaaasically the best character ever.

* Watched "Iron Man" which I somehow failed to watch before now. It was amazing. Possible new fave super hero (Spidey and Gambit will have to budge a bit)

* I wanted to watch "Star Trek" but everyone else voted Street Fighter IV. Sooo, Street Fighter IV. It was pretty fun but Taokaka wasn't in it so it wasn't as good as BlazBlue by default.

* Dinnah!

* Home now :3
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* As of today, I am now closer to age 50 than I am to being born. Somehow this doesn't terrify me as much as it amuses me. I envision myself as a wily ol' rabbit with a cane and a rocking chair, at this point. (And I've gotten good at pushing my biological clock away when it tries to remind me that I'm almost 30 and am living alone in an apartment somewhere)

* The above statement does, in fact, mean that it's my biiiirfday. I'll be heading over to my parents' house for dinner & presents & cake in about an hour. :3


* As editing continues slowly but surely, I've found myself pondering the potential marketing dilemma of the fact that every single one of my characters is an anthropomorphic animal. Seriously, there are no humans in my book. I think "talking animals" would scare away most major publishers, especially since my book doesn't seem to fit nicely into any genre, other than "vaguely-historical-scifi-steampunkish with a small pinch of fantasy".

It's funny, actually, because when I started writing, the fact that the characters were talking animals was largely a characterization device. For example, my weirdly-spiritual-but-transhumanist race is portrayed as sighthounds, because they're always looking far off into the distance, aka, the future. Sort of an Aesop's Fable type of thing. But I also figured, when I got to the end, I could just substitute out all the talking animals for humans. But now that I actually am at the end, it has occurred to me that the anthropomorphism is actually a major part of the story, because at some point when I wasn't looking the book decided to turn into a commentary on the idea of "man vs. inner monster" and having dragons dressed up in nice suits seems to nicely illustrate that theme.

So the realization that my characters being anthropomorphic animals actually works both intrigues me and scares me a bit.


* I decided that if my book ever miraculously becomes something bigger than a "self-published-on-Amazon" dealy, it's going to be a shoo-in for those "Most Challenged Books" lists because it has stuff like evolution in it. Granted, the evolution is really just a plot device and not a major part of the story, but you know. The book also has includes Victorian Era versions of computer hacking and phone phreaking, (both done by the good guys in the book), so I'm sure parents and teachers everywhere will be thrilled!

TL;DR: Back to editing, I may post a birthday lewts list later.
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Easter is my favorite holiday. I like the symbolism, whether religious or not, I like what it stands for and yes, I like all the bunnies. Have a good one. <3

...and just to inflict pain on you all, Easter Moogle Pike, circa five years ago (I hate my teeth):

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...is coming.

My birthday too ;o


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Happy Thanksgiving all <3 I've already had some hot chocolate and done some hangings-out with the family, more will commence in about 45 minutes when we have the grand thanksgivin' dinnah!

In the meantime I should probably do laundry >.>

Also new mood theme *pokes it* because I'm a silly dork who likes to mess with my LJ. Yes I know this is just a default one and my other one was custom and I spent eight million years making it... but, I was feeling like something different. LJ IS SERIOUS BUSINESS.
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For some reason I'm in a pretty good mood despite the fact that I'm about to head off to a nine-hour work shift.

I think maybe cause today is kinda like my Friday. Because I happen to have the next two days off. I'm really glad I have Easter off (Petsmart is silly and is open on Easter).

I'm probably supposed to say something interesting but I gots nothing. I hope that you all have a good Easter. <3

(Note to self: Do your taxes, your rebate check calls you.)
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Happy Leap Day!

...I really have nothing else to say, I just wanted to be able to make an LJ post on Leap Day.

I'm busy trying to figure out how to record movie clips of my computer games that I run on Linux-with-Wine. Just because I think it'd be fun to have a movie that says: "Look, Windows games on Linux!" But it seems that all the Linux video-recording software is rather unreliable; I've tried a few different ones now and RecordMyDesktop is the best so far but it reaaaaally makes games on Wine look and play horrendously laggy. It's fantastic for just showing off your desktop though. XD "Look, here is my shiny Linux desktop and let's click on the WoW icon and-- GRRRRRAAAAAAH LAAAAAAAG *gurgles*"

And once again Stephanie has slipped into a foreign language; namely an obscure dialect of Linuxanian.

pikestaff@pintsize:~$ sudo sleep
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So, I was going to do some big huge "Goodbye 2007~" post with the whole "Post one line from every month" meme thing and it was going to be awesome but I got all distracted and I've got work tomorrow morning so unfortunately I'll have to save that for later.

No idea what's in the cards for me this year; more than likely it'll be more of the same ol' geektacularness-- living at home, playing video games, making a valiant attempt to finally decide what I want out of life and failing, etc. etc. and so forth. But I've sort of reached a point where I'm decently content with that. It's really bugged me on and off throughout the past few years that my "life progression" seems to be on hold for an undefined amount of time. But recently I figure: I'm doing the best I can (for the most part), and stuff is gonna sort itself out. I just have to be patient in the meantime.

Hopefully my outlook stays this way.

Happy New Years~
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...yeah sorry about the random subject line. XD There was a Pocky commercial where they said that but I can't find it on YouTube now.

Anyways, Merry Christmas everybody, I hope you all have a great one =3

My family got an Xbox 360 Elite, and Halo 3, Guitar Hero II, and some other stuff. But I probably won't be playing it much, because that's just how it works around here... I really never play the "family consoles" ever, because they're nearly always in use by other people, or the TV is in use, one or the other. So, I still plan on getting my own Xbox 360 at some point. Though I might mess around with Halo if I get bored. >.> *cough*

But I got lots of great gifts, including but not limited to: a new computer chair (about time I replaced my dinky Wal-Mart foldup one), SimCity for Nintendo DS (I LOVE THIS GAME), a 500 GB external hard drive <3, Neopets plushies~, and this EPIC World of WarCraft calendar that seriously comes with raid stickers for you to put on your calendar. XD SO YOU DON'T FORGET YOU ARE DOING KARA TONIGHT. And other stickers too, like a hearthstone one, so you can remember to go home, or something. Just trust me on this one, it's made of win.

Most importantly though, I had lots of fun this morning with my whole family... so the rest of you go out and do that too! Merry Christmas =D (Happy Hanukkah [livejournal.com profile] kilovh!)

P.S. http://fanboys-online.com/index.php?cid=254 = This is going on my Christmas list next year.

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