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So I have like 10 new LJ friends. Probably because of my blog-quit. /wave

Umm what else is going on.

Oh! New blog: http://www.clockworkhare.com :3 for me to ramble on. I will also continue rambling on LJ. I have a lot of post ideas for the new blog, though, and like how I don't feel too tied down to things like guides and informative posts. I mean really, the only people sticking around at the new blog are people who genuinely liked my writing and it's kind of refreshing to know that.

People have been asking me how life is without WoW. Frankly I haven't really missed it yet. I feel like I just ended a relationship and we left on good terms. Still friends, not seeing each other anymore. That's how it is with me and WoW, basically.


Womens' Curling finals Canada vs. Sweden was the most intense thing I've seen in months. Back and forth and tied in the tenth end and Sweden narrowly edges out in the 11th. I about died. Mens' finals are tomorrow and I am SO STOKED.

But then when the Olympics are over I won't get to watch curling again for like four years. /crai


Feb. 24th, 2010 05:31 pm
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Talk about a rough couple o' days.

WoW account is done and blog is closed down for however long. I'm sitting around wondering whether it was the right decision or not.

And then I wake up this morning and find out that my guinea pig Vincent, the last of my two "Original Boys", passed away during the night. It didn't make me quite as sad as Reno's passing did-- primarily because Reno's was after several days of pain and sickness and Vinny looks like he just... fell asleep and didn't wake up. Maybe he was having a nice dream. He lived a long life for a guinea pig. Right up til' the end he liked getting his nose rubbed, and attempting to WHEEK WHEEK WHEEK with that broken and scratchy ol' squeaker-box of his.

I'll miss ya, Vinny.

I was starting to feel really self-conscious about my NaNo, too. It just seems like I've got a list of "Things That Are Wrong With It" and I was kind of feeling overwhelmed. But I got some good feedback from people on Twitter and I had this massive "I'm such an idiot" moment when I suddenly remembered what my own characters would tell me.

Pike: "You guys, I don't know what to do. I'm writing this book about your story and there's so many PROBLEMS and I don't think I can fix them..."

Mantra of Every Single Character In The Freaking Book: "...all problems can be solved?"

Pike: "...you're right, of course."

So I'm feeling a little better about that.

But the WoW-quit and Vincent's unexpected departure still sting.

I'm... I'm gonna go watch curling and draw.
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Posted on Aspect of the Hare that I'm quitting/hiatusing/whatevering World of Warcraft.

Still love the game. Still love blogging. But I've no time at the moment. Not resubscribing when the account runs out next week. Gonna let the blog sit until... I come back, if I do.

Will probably end up sticking subdomains on AotH and blogging about other things.

Dang this feels weird. I... don't even know what to think.

el oh el

Jan. 10th, 2010 10:29 pm
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So apparently I'm more of an interwebs celebrity than I thought because when I signed up for this "ask me anonymous questions!" site thing today mostly as a joke and expecting no more than five questions, I ended up getting... 85 questions, I think, before going to bed.


Some people were totally going all out and taking advantage of the "anonymous" bit too, which I don't really have a gripe about because hey, it's anonymous, and that's what I signed up for. It just sort of caught me off guard =P

Oh hey, did I mention the guy in my guild whose a.) character name is exactly one letter away from my druid's, b.) transferred servers specifically to join my guild, c.) randomly started liking all the things I like (mechanostriders, etc.), and d.) has a blog whose about page is almost word for word verbatim based off of mine?

Fortunately the officers like me and I've been informed to let them know if it gets "more than a little creepy". Mostly it's funny at this point. But yeah.

*curls up under a rock*
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Seriously considering making another blog. This one would be a "personal-ish" blog, sort of like LJ but with less random YouTube movies and more article-type stuff.

I sort of tried doing that with LJ but see, as much as I love LJ and am not gonna stop using it anytime soon, it's good as a social networking tool and not so much as a real blogging tool. (Primarily, the whole "You need an LJ account to comment or it's gonna be anonymous!" thing rather bothers me.)

Of course, said blog would have to be self-hosted because I'm spoiled by Aspect of the Hare, but self-hosting is also expensive. So I'm in a quandary and am looking at my options. And am putting them here for personal reference! Whee!

OPTION 1: Just turn Aspect of the Hare into a non-WoW-exclusive blog.
Reasoning: Frankly at this point I dunno how much longer I'm gonna be playing WoW anyway so...
Pros: Already have the a self-hosted intarwebs space and Wordpress set up on it. Super easy to just buy a new domain name and point it at what is currently aspectofthehare.net. Built-in "google base" (that one is not a huge deal but it's sort of a perk)
Cons: Transitioning it from WoW to not-WoW might be difficult and I don't know when would be a good time to go about doing it, especially since my interest in the game seems to fluctuate so much. May not happen for a while. Will probably get a ton of hits from people looking for WoW junk. May cause conflicts in the future if, say, I started playing WoW again and suddenly wanted a WoW blog again.

OPTION 2: Just get a new freakin' blog
Reasoning: Starting from scratch is kinda nice. Luxury of having two blogs at once.
Pros: See "Reasoning". Also, could start immediately, regardless of WoW status.
Cons: Pricey. (That's the big one). It would feel sorta silly if I stopped playing WoW and had AotH sitting around and wasn't doing anything with it.

OPTION 3: Make a new blog that is sort of a subsection on my existing blog. (example: http://aspectofthehare.net/newblog )
Pros/Reasoning: Sorta the best of both worlds.
Cons: Kinda feels like a cop-out somehow. No idea how complicated/time-consuming it would be to set it up. Not sure if you could point a new domain name at that (haha, Pike's still a web noob)

oooorrr I guess

OPTION 4: Wordpress.com
Pros: Free, easy
Cons: Lack of customization. And I'm stubborn. Also knowing me, if it took off I'd wanna move it to self-hosting at some point anyway, so may as well eliminate the middleman.

Hrmm =S Ideas and suggestions would be nice, though I also wouldn't blame you if you didn't read this, so...


Sep. 21st, 2009 06:42 pm
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(This post potentially contains WoW jargon etc., feel free to skip. Also I'm sick and emotional, so take this all with a giant grain of salt. xD)

I can never decide if I want to keep playing WoW or not. My feelings on it just bounce back and forth between gigantic extremes every day. Either I love the game to death, or am bored and frustrated with it.

Probably woulda just called it quits by now except I really like blogging about it :|

Moooost of my closer WoW friends have canceled their accounts or are talking about doing so in the near future. The general consensus among us is that a.) Karazhan was the coolest thing we ever did as a group and we are never gonna top it, plus b.) a bunch of us just seem to be tired of WoW, and thus c.) we should all move on to a new game. Star Wars: The Old Republic seems to be the top contender for "New Group Game" although it won't be out for a while.

I dunno, it's just that... Nick is done with WoW, Espado is done with WoW, Morrie canceled her account and mostly just logs in now to say Hi or take screenshots until her playtime expires... Sid and Kaygan are both doing Ulduar10 hard modes with some guild that I don't know but they mostly just talk about how annoying it is, and how they don't think they are getting the expansion. And then there's me. Enjoying raiding as much as I can with a spec that sucks due to game mechanics beyond my control, and missing my friends in general.

Ironic that now is when I'm finally getting to see content.


Alts are still decently fun, and to be honest, World of Warcraft is a great game. It is in my blood at this point, it feels like. But I dunno. I can't tell anymore if I am playing because I like it, or playing because of the blog.

So many people are counting on me to be the new BRK... streeeesssss... aaaaaaugh I hate having the flu, it turns me into a big emotional mess.

P.S. To clarify, all the enthusiasm that is on Aspect of the Hare, is genuine enthusiasm. I am bipolar about this game, it would appear, and I write blog posts when I'm on "highs" as opposed to on "lows". x_x
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Recently I've been getting requests to blog about things that seemed unusual to me. Talk about the new five-man, talk about the new VoA boss, etc. At first, this sort of confused me. Why would one want a guide on a five-man or a boss that is relatively straightforward? I replied to these comments with words to that effect, and got more comments that confused me, asking me if maybe I didn't like the new instance's backstory or something.

Then, after puzzling over it all for a few days, it dawned on me.

These people don't want a guide.

They just want to hear my thoughts and opinions on stuff.

They actually want to listen to me ramble.

It is sort of... pressuring, almost x_X

It's easy to write a guide... and yet it is surprisingly difficult to be yourself in front of an audience...
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Popped out two avatar commissions today and am about 50% finished with a third, and have several more in queue. Also published a blog post which I find to be a rather amusing read (or maybe I just amuse myself).

My life is crazy, and I love it.

New Jorb?

May. 26th, 2009 10:20 pm
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I have a job interview bright and early at 9am tomorrow. I am super nervous. Partially because I simply get nervous about this kind of thing, and partially because I have no idea where this place is and MapQuest sends me to opposite ends of town depending on whether I input the place's address, or the car dealership where they are supposedly right next to. >.>

The good news is that I have the next two days off in a row so when I come home from said interview I can just relaaaaaaax. And probably do a million avatar commissions because I think I will be officially opening those very shortly. But hey. I actually have three days off this week, one of which is a paid day off. When I first saw my schedule for this week and only saw 30 hours I absolutely panicked before remembering that I was getting a bonus day off for Memorial Day.

In other news, going through a mid-life crisis with LJ (har har.) See, a lot of WoW bloggers also have a "personal blog" where they post non-WoW stuff, and I always figured that's what my LJ was. But honestly, LJ is more of a social networking tool, so the commenting system isn't exactly very open and stuff like that, and it's sort of an awkward way to blog. I thought it would be nice to have some place to put thoughts that weren't WoW-related but were still more than just the "OMGZ GUYS GAMBIT AND STAR TREK AHHH" posts I make that are mostly directed at various long-time friends. Then I decided... that would be way too many blogs to juggle. So, probably not going to do it. LJ works decently enough.

Although, I am seriously considering starting a "thoughts and rambles about Linux/open source" blog that nobody is going to read.

^ Said the exact same thing, except "thoughts and rambles about WoW" with Aspect of the Hare, and has now officially jinxed her new blog. Positive jinx, but you know.
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Today I put a donation button on my blog. Twelve hours later and I've already received three donations. My art commissions aren't up yet so these are just people helping me out, because of the goodness of their hearts. Now one of those people was the ever so awesometacular [livejournal.com profile] azuhuxley_daioh who I <3 muchly, but the other two people, gosh, I've never met 'em. It's very touching to me. <3 The human race is, at its core, Very Good, I think.

In semi-related news, myself and a bunch of fellow WoW bloggers who are unable to attend BlizzCon are planning something devious: TwizzCon! A portmanteau of Twitter (our main haunting grounds) and BlizzCon, and it is going to involve everyone downloading the BlizzCon live stream, getting on some Ventrilo server somewhere, and going fracking MST3K on everything. Totally going to ask work off for it. I am super excited. I love this crazy community that is collectively best known as "Blog Azeroth" (or maybe more appropriately, the Twitterati) xD

<---- doooork.

I am going to be "officially" opening art commissions soon, now that I've hinted that it's coming on my site. I'm really nervous about it. I've already gotten an e-mail from Mania at Petopia aka only the BIGGEST HUNTER PET COMPENDIUM ON THE INTERWEBS about an art request. Sooo nervous. By the way if anybody has any details on the mechanics on how you actually go about it all (do you just like... send the buyer to a PayPal page and then you e-mail them the art once you get it? Or is there some automated way to do it? I've no clue) then any advice would be lurvely! xD
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Tuesday is really going to be the day of judgment for me this week. Not only do I have a job interview-- which I am trying really, really hard not to get my hopes up about, just in case-- but that's also when my WoW Insider profile (finally) goes live, which basically means that I'll my opening up my humble blog as fresh fodder for the rabid bloodthirsty masses that tend to inhabit that site. On the other hand, maybe it won't be so bad afterall, seeing as I seem to get WI'd on a weekly basis now (yes, they just did again, about an hour ago... I've long stopped counting) and so far so good, so... *crosses fingers*

Somehow got no sleep last night. I blame Nick for keeping me up late watching movies with him, and chatting. It was a good chat though... I felt like we were getting sort of behind in terms of where we stand as a couple and it was nice to catch up. The downfall is that I have a horrible headache and feel sick overall. Fortunately today I can just relax, well, until that mandatory work meeting at 7pm tonight.

*reminds herself that a possible new job is incoming very soon, then reminds herself again not to get her hopes up*

I made a WoW "how-to" movie that I posted on my blog but I'm gonna post it here too cause I'm proud of how it turned out. Standard "please feel free to skip if you don't play WoW" disclaimer in advance.

Clicky for movie )
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I'm feeling really unsatisfied with my blogging lately. I feel like I keep falling short. I don't know why, really. By all intents and purposes my blog is this crazy success that I didn't see coming. 153,000 pageviews for something I made so I wouldn't have to spam your Friends' List with my WoW crap, dear LJ readers.

But I feel like none of my entries lately are very good and I feel like I have this really high bar, of sorts, that I need to meet, and that I'm not meeting.

It doesn't help that as of a couple days ago Nick literally works for WoW Insider. Yes, he is getting paid now to write weekly stuff about warlocks. Which is awesome and I'm proud of him but see, they were hiring hunter bloggers too. And they sent Nick an e-mail asking him if he wanted a job, he who didn't start blogging until like last month, literally. And they didn't send me any sort of offer. And I'm not gonna lie and say it doesn't bug me. Cause it does >_< Not on a silly e-fame level either. More like on a... "and-I-thought-I-was-on-to-something" level. A "what is he doing right that I am not doing" level. A self-doubt level.

I shouldn't feel like this and I don't want to feel like this. But, I do, so there ya go. =/
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Got massively linked to on WoWInsider today. It's not even the about-me-profile thing yet, but it was still like "Oh this post, yeah go read it, at this blog, oh don't forget to click here".

At this point I am about 99% convinced that this whole blog thing is a gigantic plot from the powers-on-high to slowly pull me out of my comfort zone. See, I'm am basically the most non-committal, conflict-avoiding, passive, selfdeprecating, and just plain shy person like... ever. I don't think that can be easily picked up on-- if it can be picked up on at all-- from my writing, because I've always been a pretty confident writer. But when this kind of massive in-link stuff happens, as genuninely flattering as it is, it always turns me into this giant bundle of nerves who wants to not leave her house... er, home page. Because there is the possibility that she might have to confront people. And not just her friends or the people that she is used to.

The unknown.

But as scary as it is, I think it must be good thing.

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I e-mailed WoWInsider. "Okay, I will try it."

<---- nervous

<---- but possibly more tired than nervous (cursed 6am shifts)
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So WoW Insider e-mailed me and asked if I was interested in being interviewed in their "15 Minutes of Fame" column. Now for those of you who aren't aware, WoW Insider is the biggest World of Warcraft blog on the net and they get more hits in a couple minutes than I get in a day. They've somewhat offhandedly linked to me before and it tossed me a bunch of traffic, but... a whole article about me?

I e-mailed them back and told them I would feel uncomfortable about it. Mostly because I didn't see anything at all about me that would be even considered remotely "famous" or "interesting." So I enjoy playing a video game and I choose to write about it. And for some reason some people like to read my rambles. What's so special about that?

They e-mailed me back and told me that they understood, although they stressed that it wasn't a thing for "famous people in the WoW community" so much as for "interesting people in the WoW community who we think others would be interested in learning about", and told me to let them know if I changed my mind.

I'm kinda torn, I still don't really see myself as special or interesting at all xD And on top of that, while I have a lot of respect for WoW Insider, the typical WoW Insider comment base is rather notorious for being, erm, difficult-to-deal-with and quick-to-criticize. I don't know if I would want that sort of user base possibly drifting over to my blog. Granted, my blog is a 100% "open" community (only spam comments are ever deleted, and I encourage discussion and even disagreement from everyone), but so far I've been lucky and the number of really negative comments I've received over the months is close to zero. It's sort of this idyllic little place for me on the interwebs and I dunno if I'd wanna risk wrecking that. But maybe it's worth the risk?


Oh snap

Nov. 21st, 2008 02:10 pm
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I got WoWInsider'd.

*hides from the massive influx of people*

Edit: Why is it that my carefully planned posts get like two replies, and then random rambles that I cough up ten minutes before work after getting four hours of sleep get billions of comments and get linked to? Blogging is weird.
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Most of you reading this know me through school or church or longstanding online friendships. You know who I am. But there's also a part of me that I'm still adapting to. Namely, I am Pike, I blog about World of Warcraft. I get 330 hits a day and Feedburner tells me another 382 people are subscribing to my feed. That's 712 people a day...

...reading my words.


Why so many people read what I have to say about a video game, I've no idea. Am I a good writer? A good storyteller? A good teacher? I am apt to believe that last one the most.

Needless to say it's affected my life in ways I am still trying to adapt to-- positive ways, I think, but odd ways indeed. World of Warcraft is fun, and if it stopped being fun, I'd stop playing it, but it's deeper now because it also fuels my writing. If I'm raiding it's probably because I'm studying, so I can report back on my blog. If I'm logged in and you ask me if I want to do a heroic there is a good chance you will hear me say "Sorry, but I'm busy taking screenshots/making an instructional video for my blog." I probably spend as much time reading and writing about WoW as I do playing it. It's a hobby but it's become more than a hobby.

It's growing every day and I can't even imagine how big it's going to get, if it does keep getting bigger. I've had people in Trade Chat say "Aspect of the Hare ftw" after I hawked something I put on the auction house. I've had random people I've grouped with say "Hey, don't you have a blog?" I've lost count of the number of people who have made level one alts just to say hi to me. Some of those people are actively leveling characters on my servers now. One level 70 hunter paid $25 and transferred to Silver Hand because of me. (He wound up joining another guild and we lost contact-- but for some reason, his initial transfer over was because of what I'd said about the server on my blog).

Every week I get some four or five e-mails from people asking for hunter advice and Armory critiques or just thanking me profusely for re-igniting their love of the hunter class (those are my favorite e-mails.)

Yesterday at church somebody came up to me and said "So, I heard you write a really popular blog." How that got out I have no idea. My typical response in this situation is to default to self-deprecating humor so I spent the next ten seconds blathering something about how I'm a geek before something else managed to change the subject (for which I was relieved.)

I keep wondering if this is "The Big Thing" I'm supposed to do in life. That sounds odd. You have to understand that throughout my life, many different people who I trust very much have said they "feel" something about me. I have something "big" to do. Whether or not I just seem to exude that vibe or they really do feel something-- it's ingrained itself in my psyche. Is this my "Big Thing"? Am I okay with it? I think I'm okay with it.

But it's odd.


Jun. 7th, 2008 07:01 pm
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So, guys... honest opinions here...

Some six months or so ago I got some exposure for my cute-custom-World of Warcraft avatars, such as these which I made for my Ally hunter and Hordie hunter respectively:

Each is hand-drawn with the mouse-- yes, the mouse-- in GIMP.

I also made one for Nick, and one for BigRedKitty which can be seen on his "signature" page. I also have one in queue for another blogger, but other than that, those are all I have made.

But several months ago I started kicking around the idea of offering them for commission-- say $20 for me to draw a cute avatar of your Warcraft character, since each one takes me a couple hours to do-- and I got a decent amount of interest in it, but then I canned the idea because I wasn't sure on the legality of it all.

Now I think, my readership has probably tripled or quadrupled since then, and I see people selling WoW-based art commissions all the time, and, well... if I were to start selling commissions of custom avatars like that... do you think it would take off? Do you think I could cut down my Petsmart hours to maybe 25 or 30 hours a week? Because that would take a lot of stress off of me especially because it would take a couple hours to make an avatar; and also, to be honest, and this is gonna sound weird, but I do need WoW time too, since ya know, it fuels my blogging and writing >.>

I was just saying a couple days ago I don't feel cut out for a non-creative job. Do you think something like this, something creative and fun, is a good opportunity?

My mom thinks so, but ya know, I'd like outside opinions too. =P

What do you guys think? Pros and cons?
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So yeah remember a few days back when I mentioned my World of Warcraft blog?

Okay so this morning I found out that I had been added to the sidebar blogroll list of one BigRedKitty, aka hunter guru, WoW Insider columnist, guy who basically invented Burning Crusade end-game huntering, and quite easily the most well known name in the WoW blog-o-verse.
This is the guy who first boldly threw 41 points in Beast Mastery while everybody else was sure Marksman/Survival was still the answer. He wrote about this all in his blog, and he was scoffed at and mercilessly made fun of until as the months went by people realized that he was right and today you'd be hard pressed to find an end-game hunter that is not using his spec. He's been my hero basically since I was knee-high to a murloc. He has like 500 blogs linking to him; he himself only links to about 20 (most of which are his guildies) and I am now one of them.

So then while I was still trying to breathe, he freakin' instant messaged me.

The conversation went something like this (paraphrased):

BRK: "Hey, grats on Legacy! Oh and I've added you to my blogroll if you haven't noticed. Sorry it took so long."
Me: [general hero worship]
BRK: "I only link to blogs with really good and very well-written content. And you are good. Anyways, I'll letcha go. Bye!"
Me: [incoherent babblings]

Also I was treated to Chinese Food at work.

Epic day much?

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