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From this site http://kaction.com/badfanfiction/

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri and Les Miserables.
The story should use magic as a plot device!

Generated by the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

this is going to be amazing


Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri and Toy Story.
The story should use a tournament of some sort as a plot device!

Generated by the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

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THAT FEEL when you've been hitting your head against a sticking point in a story you're brainstorming for days and then suddenly you figure out how to fix it, and then everything starts falling together.

So! Apparently there's a summer NaNo happening, or possibly even a NaNo WHENEVER YOU WANT, complete with the tracking graph and everything. (I know I've mentioned this before, but they're just releasing more details now.) I'm pretty sure this is designed for people who can't make November for whatever reason, but I'm just going to take it as an opportunity to write. Even. MORE.

I think I just shed stories and plots and characters and ideas and allegories the way a big fluffy cat sheds his fur in the summertime. I just leave them behind in my wake. I mean, I really, really do. I don't really have to try, it just... happens.
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Rent-free? I don't care WHAT it is, sign me up.

Also I'd do the following:

1. Install a carbon monoxide detector, because hey whaddaya know!

2. See about fixing up any ventilation/heating issues

3. ???

4. Profit! No more haunted house!

(Why yes, I am a buzzkill, apparently~)
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So, it's looking like I may be paying Internet from here on out, or at least for a couple of months. Including this month. This is a bill that I was not expecting, so I hadn't budgeted for it at all, so... this will be interesting. Since Internet is basically a Must for me, I'm scrambling to find ways to make it work. (Oh, and the bill was due like today or yesterday or something. Yeah and I just now found out about this...)

I'm thinking if I can a.) break into my poor anemic savings fund (hate doing that, but...) and put off the (recently due) oil change in my car for a month or so I can pull it off. My car's a tough little bugger and I think it can handle the extra wait, despite the whole 50 miles a day thing.

Anyways, if worse comes to worse and I find out I can't afford it, there's always toting my laptop to Starbucks and basically living there for a while. They won't mind terribly if I'm nothing but a WiFi leech, riiiight?
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30 Days Of Meme

Day 05 – Your definition of love, in great detail

I believe I once defined love as caring deeply for the wellbeing of someone/something and enjoying spending time with said person/thing/animal/etc. That's still pretty much my definition of it.

I think that this can also be applied to concepts. For example, I love Linux. I care for the "wellbeing" (or preservation, perhaps) of its philosophies, ideals, and the way it looks and works, and I also enjoy spending time with it. Hence, love.

I can love something and want to make it better, however. I think that still would fall under caring for its wellbeing.

Anyways, that's just the way I see it. Subject to change if I can come up with a better definition.

See also:

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30 Days Of Meme

(Author's Note: Yeah I can't confirm that I'll be posting diligently every single day, especially with a vacation and, it looks like, a move coming up, but I will try to finish all of these as best as I can)

Cut for being long )

The whole list o' things to cover )
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I'm trying to keep myself stoked for moving as opposed to disappointed. Example: if I'm going to have to be a kid again for a few months, then I am going to be a kid IN STYLE, by which I mean I am totally planning an entertainment corner in my room and then the fish tank corner and then the computer corner and then the bed corner. Dream room. Yes. So I keep making myself think about that instead of thinking about, uh, all the other stuff that I'm not going to name because I AM THINKING POSITIVE.

In other news, try as I might, I cannot convince myself to actually start querying literary agents. I am scared to death that I actually wrote the next Twilight* or something and my test readers are just too nice to let me know. I hate my low self-esteem sometimes. It gets me into trouble, more often than not...


* On the other hand, Twilight author is published and is sitting on a pile of cash and I am neither. But on the other other hand, I really hope I did better than sparkly vampires. ...but "Dragons in Waistcoats" really isn't much better, is it...? *sigh*
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Editing, Take Five of my novel-- aka "Windshifter 0.5"-- is done. Current Word Count: 71,441. Any previous manuscripts that people have read/are reading are now rather outdated.

New additions since the last draft include:

* An entirely new chapter
* An entirely new minor character
* Several new scenes that were not quite long enough to make up new chapters, but are still new additions to the novel, regardless
* Tightening up of some of the screws on my themes (hopefully)...
* A pretty sincere attempt to lighten the "Talking Head Syndrome" that tends to follow me around in favor of more character description and action
* A couple "bug fixes", so to speak, mostly involving story inconsistencies or historical inaccuracies

I have a list somewhere of people who wanted to read a draft who haven't been sent one yet; I'll be going over that & sending out manuscripts prrrrobably tomorrow (since I'm about to go to work right now). Please let me know if you want a draft and didn't previously inform me, or if you already read a draft and want to read an updated version.

I am really hoping that this is one of the final edits, so as it is I'm seeing this as a "speak now or forever hold your peace" type of thing. Last minute feedback/suggestions are great. I would really love to finish this thing up, although if any further feedback I get is overwhelmingly negative I will, of course, keep polishing it... =P
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Went to [livejournal.com profile] fair_orc_maiden 's wedding & reception. Had lots of fun and thought it was super cute. Saved the day with my Epic Safety Dance Maneuver. Saw lots and lots of friends that I never get to see anymore and it was awesome. <3

I kind of want to get married now because it was so cute. ENJOY YOUR VICTORY WHILE IT LASTS, NICK, THIS FEELING WILL PASS IN LIKE TWO HOURS.
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As a naturally anxiety-prone person, it does not help that:

a.) I am still unable to find a second job and am not sure how bills are going to be paid next month,


b.) I'm researching querying literary agents (cause I think I'm really close to the end of this whole editing thing) and OMG, this is going to be impossible. You know that feeling where like, you are going to school or something but you're running late and you get there and the entire parking lot is full and cars are overflowing onto the streets, and you just go "screw it" and go home? That's me. The parking lot is full. With authors who are probably way better than I am. And it is the most intimidating thing in the world. u_u

Quick, somebody tell me it's all going to be okay! D=
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Non-work things I did today included:

  • Another day, another... scouring the job sites. Still nothing. Trying to be optimistic. (Keyword: trying)

  • Continued reading through my novel for the ten millionth time. I'm getting really close to the end so I can begin earnest work on this latest edit. I still really like [insert zomg gigantic spoiler scene here] at the end. Probably one of the better things I've written. That and the prologue. The rest of the book I still waffle on. For the most part I've convinced myself that it's really not that special and/or great. Oh well.

  • I uh, sent a query letter off to an agent. I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF SHE SPECIFICALLY SAID SHE WANTED "STEAMPUNK WITH GOOD WORLD BUILDING". I have no idea if my world building is good but at least it's unique? Then I went to her website and she had this statistic like "of all the query letters I get I only ask for partials on 4% of them and then I only ask for full manuscripts on 17% of those 4%" or something so I'm not getting my hopes up. Sometimes I wonder if I have a slightly better chance because I imagine a lot of queries are from people who don't know what they're doing. Then I remember that I don't know what I'm doing either. ._.

  • I am refreshing the UPS web page roughly once an hour to see where my watch is, because they have super detailed, exact-to-the-minute upadates on it. Apparently it's not going to be here until June 1, though. Mark my words, I shall die waiting.

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May possibly be getting a roommate. Not sure yet. But a girl I knew from a couple years back who disappeared to the Void Between Dimensions and is returning shortly needs a place to stay. I'm still waffling...

- Assuming said roommate would pay half of rent/utils, this would pretty much single-handedly toss me back into the green, money-wise (finally), and would give me adequate time to continue looking for a new job, without having to settle for something crappy (like more retail).

- Two-bedroom though it may be, the rooms here are teeny-tiny. I'd have to do a ton of downsizing/re-arranging and probably get rid of a lot of furniture, and somehow find time to do all of this within the next couple of weeks.

- I go to bed/wake up at really odd hours and I dunno how well it would mesh with someone else.

- I am SUPER wired to not like sharing "my personal space" with people. It has always squicked me out in a way that I can't really explain. Guys, I'm not exaggerating this one. We're talking the idea of sharing a place even with someone I love dearly has scared me away from marriage of all things (hey btw did I mention Nick and I have been "together" for over five years and we're still 800 miles away? Yeah this is why. Just FYI. Dunno if I'd mentioned it before.) I know this all sounds terrible and I have no idea how to say it without making it sound like I hate people and am trying to rationalize being a misanthrope or something. :< Because I actually do like (most) people, you know, so long as they're not in my apartment/car/etc. Because people in my space makes me panic attack and UH OH, V-E-R-N.

I know I should just "Hey! Get get get get get over it", but that's way easier said than done.

So yeah, idk.
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I made this cake today.

I am not eating it until I beat Portal.


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So that tech writer job I applied for basically sent me a "don't call us, we'll call you" e-mail. I can't tell if it's a form letter or not. It probably is. Ah well. Back to the drawing board, aka classified ads.

Meanwhile I have fallen in love with this beautiful little device:

...which normally costs $300 but I found it online for $60. Unfortunately I don't even have $60. So I've started a little game with myself; basically anytime I find some way in my normal routine to save money (i.e. skipping my daily Mountain Dew, somehow making my cheap lunch even cheaper, etc.) I add it to a hypothetical "change pile" and when it gets to $60, said gorgeous creature will be mine. Automatic (self-winding) mechanical, 20-jeweled Swiss movement with a little window on the front *DROOLS*

...the only thing that's missing is the date, but I figure that's what my pocket watch is for, right? >_>
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I've been feeling iffy on the book again. Mostly because it's occurred to me (yet again) that my book doesn't fall into any neatly defined genre/demographic, which I think instantly makes 99% of editors/agents hate me. I also have this gnawing feeling that the story is not really that great and that I've completely failed to make the points I want to make.

A part of me is tempted to just forget the publishing thing and turn the it into a webcomic already. But I don't think I'm talented enough to do so. Besides, it would feel a little too like... not like a failure, I suppose, but like a compromise. I mean, yeah it'd make a good webcomic I'm sure, but I've invested so much into this as a novel.

Fortunately I have Writer Friends and the like who are giving me tips and who I can commiserate with. I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] azuhuxley_daioh today (because I luff him, and am glad to see his triumphant return to the intertubes), and we swapped manuscripts since he recently finished writing a book too. We spent a lot of time talking about how scary publishing is and read each other's stuff a bit. (His book is fantastic so far btw, even though I'm only about 20 pages in-- really original and great :D )

Anyways he read like the first paragraph from my novel and said this: "So far your book is good =O I approve of the post-structuralist deconstruction of second-wave femininsm's opinion on Gramscian socialism. *nods*"

And I about died from giggling and felt loads better. <3

He also told me this: "Quitters don't get kidnapped by aliens and experimented upon to be turned into steampunk cybernetic furries. >=|"



But yeah, ultimately I'm still glad I sent out so many copies for people to review. A wise man once said, "Given enough eyes, all bugs are shallow," and I think it applies to this as well. I'm still sending out drafts, by the way, and if you asked for one and haven't gotten one yet you'll get one eventually. I feel like I should be sending out patch notes with each new "release" though...
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So while I wait for someone I called to get back to me regarding my money issues I'm trying to continue pushing on with art commissions and things, which will at least provide some small amount of help. The fact that I have been able to pull in about $75/month with art for the last couple of months, even though I still consider myself to be a rather mediocre artist, is something I am rather grateful for.

But I need to up the ante, and now that I'm out of the blog spotlight the commissions are fewer, so now I'm lurking around FurAffinity because I can at least sort of draw cartoon animals right? And maybe I can get something from that?

Speaking of which, I have discovered a "steampunk furry convention". I am 99% sure that said convention has my name all over it in gigantic letters.

And I would totally dress up for it.

Um yeah other than that, novel editing is going slowly but surely, and I'm even getting some vidya-gaming and movie-watchin' done. Other than the money scare, life's been good lately.
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- Drew a Clockwork Quartet-ish picture, and sent it to them (okay, that was yesterday)
- Woke up and found out they put it on their facebook
- Sort of died of fangirl
- Was Twittered by the Clockwork Quartet head honcho
- ...really did die of fangirl (even though it was just a sort of "nice to meet a devoted fan!" tweet, CAN YOU BLAME ME.
- Swiffered kitchen floor
- Got fanarts from [livejournal.com profile] darkyo
- Made fanarts for [livejournal.com profile] darkyo
- Got two avatar commissions done
- Watched "Rain Man" which is one of my favorite movies evar
- Ate Pizza
- Played Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
- Remembered that Clockwork Quartet said hi to me, and died of fangirl again


p.s. Leaf on the wind
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