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Jun. 13th, 2011 11:18 pm
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So I just spent three hours getting a really, really ancient Linux port of Alpha Centauri working! Because, you know, that's what I do when I'm too lazy to spend two minutes hopping over to my Windows partition.

I think I may have just epitomized geekhood.

ALSO, after work today I checked my voicemail and I had a message from the human resources person at Kmart. She wants me to call her back tomorrow! Presumably it's to set up an interview. Which has me far more nervous about it than I probably should be. I guess I just have to keep calm, stick to my requirements of hours/wages (not gonna take it if it's sub-25 hours a week, I think), and continually remind myself that I have never NOT been hired after making it to the interview stage at a retail job.

This is exciting! As much as I'd LOVE to get out of retail, because the dealing-with-people thing is tough on me, I want to get out of this money hole first. If this job offers me ~30 hours a week and at least $9/hr (small potatoes, but this won't be commission, after all), that + gas/car wear & tear savings should be a moderate help.
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We'll return you to your regularly scheduled meme tomorrow.

Computer Issues: My wireless card gave up the ghost yesterday. It is physically falling apart. For most people this wouldn't be a big deal and you'd just go to Staples and buy a new wireless card, but when you use Linux it turns into a weird game of trial and error and hoping you get lucky with the limited supply at the store.

Anyways, I bought a USB wireless thing to try it out, and have yet to get it successfully working. I kind of think that I'm just going to order a card that I know will work off of NewEgg and then just live with my laptop until that gets here. I mean, all I'm really missing out on by not having an internet-connected desktop is video games... and you can play Starcraft 2 offline... and I think my WoW account is about to expire (again) anyway... so I'll just live with that for a few weeks.

Besides, I think it would be a good idea to reduce my internet presence just a bit. Not like I want to completely disappear, but being Internet-less on my trip reminded me how much I love crap like reading or playing my Game Boy, haha.

TV: Why did I not know about "Cake Boss" before? Or "Cash Cab"? You guys need to keep me updated on this kind of stuff, pffft.

Work: Both the store manager and department manager now know that I am leaving within a month or two. Both are very understanding of the situation and both have said that they will miss me. Store manager said "Hiring a new person isn't going to be a problem. Finding someone as good as you will be the problem." And I was like "Awww <3"

Tinkering!: Yesterday I used the quartz movement from a clock I broke (oops) to invent this silly and pointless little device where a paper bee flies in circles around a decorated cup, once per minute. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot about stuff like friction and other things that I should have paid attention to in school but didn't because I was too busy drawing anthropomorphic chemical elements in my notebook.

NaNoWriMo: I am SO EXCITED for NaNo this year, I got so much inspiration for it on the trip and I have so many ideas and omg I can't wait until November. I hope we're all moved and stuff by then. I have also come to the decision that I want to participate in, and win, NaNo every single year for the rest of my life. I will totally have like 70 novels written by the time I die and it is going to be awesome.
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Warning: The following blog post contains graphic Linux imagery. Reader discretion is advised.

So most everyone knows at this point that I am of the opinion that KDE > Gnome, however, every so often I get the urge to give Gnome another shot. It inevitably culminates in something causing me to run back to KDE. But anyways, this time I was sort of wanting to try something different, so I booted up Gnome instead of KDE. I think I got farther this time than I have in the past-- probably been Gnome a couple days now. This is my Gnome desktop:

It's purdy. Also, I totally have a crush on Mega Man. True story. *cough*

I enabled Compiz because I like it a lot and it plays nicer with Gnome than it does with KDE in my experience. So I also have all these pretty desktop effects and stuff that I really like. It sooooorta interferes with WoW a little and causes it to randomly crash but it doesn't do it very frequently and I figure that the trade-off is worth it because I'm totally a sucker for pretty desktop effects.

Another awesome thing I really like about Gnome: The "Up" button on folders. KDE got rid of this recently for some reason that I cannot fathom.

Things I wasn't too fond of: lack of Ctrl+Alt+Escape (there's probably another keybind for the same effect but I'm lazy), less customization options overall, etc.

ANYWAYS. I was sort of starting to enjoy the purdyness of Gnome+Compiz and then I discovered something horrible. Namely, Gnome+Compiz does NOT play well with taking screenshots in World of Warcraft. Example:

(Why yes, it did take me fifty million years to beat Heroic Oculus)

Looks normal from the outset, but if you take a good look at it, it's all screwed up and tilted and stuff.

In addition, the Gnome screenshot program is inferior to the KDE screenshot program and Gnome also fails to also save a backup screenshot in the WoW screenshot folder.

Soooo, it looks like I'm going back to KDE again because although Gnome+Compiz > KDE... KDE > Gnome-without-Compiz, and I take a lot of screenshots for my blog so it looks like disabling Compiz is gonna have to happen.

Someday I'll get to use my shiny Compiz...
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I'm rather proud of using Linux and I talk frequently about it, and although I do not proselytize it (at least, I don't think I do?), my enthusiasm for it seems to make other people want to try it too. This is great, except for the side-effect that 90% of people who are inspired by me to use Linux end up having some sort of horrible experience with it. Often they come to me for questions, (this happened just yesterday in fact, with a good friend of mine), and though I help as much as I can, I often can't.

The thing is, Linux is basically a box of Legos when what most people want is the already built toy. It's really hard to pin down problems and help people out with them, especially when said people are on the other end of the country.

I managed to obtain a very nicely working Linux box with a combination of luck (my hardware happens to all work very well with it) and the sheer determination of being willing to spend two weeks literally living on Google and Linux forums. And of course, now, several years down the road, we've reached this point where using anything that isn't Linux is very awkward for me because I've grown so accustomed to Linux's little nuances. But yeah, the issue is that then I talk about how much I love it, and other people try it themselves, and other people typically end up having a negative reaction.

I'm not quite sure what to do about this really. I posed this question to Nick yesterday, asking him if maybe I should just stop talking about how much I love Linux. He said no, I should keep talking about it, because inspiring people to try new things and get people out of their comfort zone for at least a bit is usually always a positive thing. He has a point.

But I dunno. I just feel bad that the number of people who have come to hate Linux because of me is probably higher than the opposite and more preferable outcome o_o;;

Different strokes for different folks...
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And you can't really see the sexy Compiz animations and effects but suffice to say they're beautiful and awesome and I <3 my operating system :3


Feb. 8th, 2009 05:03 pm
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New Linux hates my monitor with a burning fiery passion. ZOMGS SIGNAL OUT OF RANGE ZOMGS WE'RE NOT GONNA LET YOU LOG INTO X. So I sat there at the command line and tried a bunch of previous fixes that I knew usually fixed the issue but all to no avail, and now it won't even let me boot into my old partitions.

GG Pike!

Go go go GParted and FSCK while I sit around bored on my laptop.

Oh and FYI, I do find this all to be a learning experience and enjoyable in a weird roundabout way. Note to self: never get cocky with Linux ever again. Something will go wrong. Always.

Linux Tiem!

Feb. 8th, 2009 04:29 pm
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The whole reason I've been stuck with an outdated version of Linux for the past few years, causing much pain and heartache, has been because the newer versions refused to work with my wireless card.

However, here I am now with hardwired internet, with the Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy Live CD in my CD drive, and updating my El Jay with said Live CD because now I can update!

I think that is what I am going to do today, it has been far too long since I had a nice big LinuxGeekFest. I do think rather than writing over my previous Linux partition I'm just going to add a third (complicated enough Steph? Yar...), that way, if I screw up, or if I wind up having to go back to Wireless later, I have, well, that old working partition.

First thing I thought upon booting the LiveCD though, and getting the same ol' "SIGNAL OUT OF RANGE" error and subsequently having to boot into Safe Graphics Mode: "Wait, you mean you haven't fixed this problem yet, seriously?"

Hee. Linux is cute.
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This is a ramble that is not directed at anybody in particular but rather at a sort of disturbing trend I've seen. I'm talking about the trend where some Linux fanboys will wax philosophical about how perfect their operating system is and make analogies that liken Linux to some shining star and talk about how everybody should install it because it's perfect in every way and (etc.)

Okay, before I begin, everybody knows that I love Linux, right? I've been using this operating system near excluisvely for a year and a half now. Heck, I did use it exclusively for a year. Then I started doing a bunch of raiding and heroics in World of Warcraft so I installed a Windows partition so I could use Ventrilo. And I was on Windows a lot because I was raiding a lot. But these past couple months, my raiding has pretty much come to a halt (partially because of my work schedule, and partially because half of my guild seems to have gone on hiatus), so I'm back on Linux about 99% of the time. I love Linux. I can't imagine using anything else for more than a small amount of time.

But guys...

Linux is not perfect.

Linux has a crapton of issues with Wireless Internet. Linux doesn't run most PC-based popular programs. Linux has tons of little silly bugs that nobody has bothered to fix (like saving certain settings, etc.) Now to be fair, the first two things I addressed aren't Linux's fault per se, it's because nobody wants to support the littlest operating system with native drivers or game clients. But regardless of whose fault it is, the fact remains that the issues are still there.

Now are there upsides to Linux? Oh heck yeah, or I wouldn't be using it. It's secure, it's endlessly customizable, it's free, programs are free, and installing new stuff does not proceed to install a bunch of random side-junk the way installing stuff on Windows seems to do.

But it's not always worth the payoff for everybody.

One of the things I seem to be rather known for in the blogging community is my use of Linux to play WoW. People think of Pike's blog, and they think firstly of hunters and secondly of Linux. As such, I've received a lot of comments, e-mails, and random IMs from people who want to install Linux or who were inspired by me to try. Some of these were success stories, which makes me very happy to hear. Other people come to me and expect WoW on Linux to work flawlessly for them the way it seems to for me.

One guy IM'd me and I was really getting that vibe from him, that he was expecting Linux to work 100% out of the box. I told him "Look, this isn't like Windows. It's not like you can pop the CD in and play WoW a few hours and patches later. You are going to have problems. You are going to have to install extra software. You are going to have to change around the Config file like nobody's business. You are going to be spending hours on Google. It's going to take a couple days to set up. Blizzard support won't help you because you will be playing on an unsupported platform." But I then told him that the result was near-immunity from keyloggers, and the satisfaction of playing on a very customizable system with a large bank of quality free software.

He asked me, "Is it worth it?"

I told him, "Only you can answer that question."

And it's true. Linux isn't perfect, it sure as heck isn't Windows, and people who expect it to be like Windows are in for what is probably an unpleasant surprise. If you want to install Linux, come to it knowing that you will encounter problems and knowing that there are drawbacks as well as benefits. Will the benefits outweigh the drawbacks for you? I can't say. That's up to each individual.

The grass is always greener...
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Dear Self...

Well? Did you learn a lesson from this little fiasco over the past few days?

Did you learn that if a program says "YOU DO NOT MEET THE REQUIREMENTS. DO NOT INSTALL. YOU WILL BREAK YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM." ... installing it anyway "just to see what happens" is NOT a good idea?

Did you learn that a hardwired internet connection is the answer to installing newer Linux versions and that you should not attempt it with a flimsy wireless connection?

Did you learn that "going on a massive computer geekery rampage" is fine and all when you don't have important stuff going on this weekend that require a working computer?

Okay. Now don't forget.


Jun. 18th, 2008 08:36 am
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So I was screwing around with my computer as I am apt to do and somewhere along the lines I completely messed everything up, which includes installing Firefox 3 anyway even though my version of Linux is two years old and won't support it, and basically I made a big mess. My current version of Firefox is very very broken now and as soon as I close it I won't be able to open it anymore.

So, it's time to see if I can get the new version of Linux up and running in four hours before I have to go to work.

I worry that I won't be able to get -

Crap, Firefox crashed, can't open it again, on Konqueror now. XD

Anyways I worry I won't be able to get WoW working again or my internet working without a new Wireless card or somesuch, at least not right away, but eh, it's the price to pay for my geek cred and for an OS that doesn't crash all the time like Windows does for me.

Long story short: Byebye, dunno when I'll be back~
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Happy Leap Day!

...I really have nothing else to say, I just wanted to be able to make an LJ post on Leap Day.

I'm busy trying to figure out how to record movie clips of my computer games that I run on Linux-with-Wine. Just because I think it'd be fun to have a movie that says: "Look, Windows games on Linux!" But it seems that all the Linux video-recording software is rather unreliable; I've tried a few different ones now and RecordMyDesktop is the best so far but it reaaaaally makes games on Wine look and play horrendously laggy. It's fantastic for just showing off your desktop though. XD "Look, here is my shiny Linux desktop and let's click on the WoW icon and-- GRRRRRAAAAAAH LAAAAAAAG *gurgles*"

And once again Stephanie has slipped into a foreign language; namely an obscure dialect of Linuxanian.

pikestaff@pintsize:~$ sudo sleep
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My computer now dual-boots both Kubuntu Linux and Windows XP... Linux gets about 75% of my hard drive and Windows gets the rest.

Unfortunately Windows is being a gigantic pain to configure. It doesn't detect my wireless card, nor does sound work, nor do the graphics work right. Granted, I was up really late last night so I pretty much only messed with it for ten minutes or so before going to bed. But gosh, with Kubuntu everything just worked right out of the box, not so with Windows. xP So I'm going to have to work on that when I get home from work.

But the good news is, my "original" Linux is intact so I don't have to worry about customizing it to the way I like it or anything (which is fun, but takes a while).
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Seen on two online job applications thus far today:

Unsupported Web Browser or Operating System
To ensure all functions of the application perform correctly, you may not apply online using an unsupported web browser or operating system. Please see the list of supported web browsers and operating systems below – you may not continue with the application in an unsupported browser and/or operating system.

Supported Web Browsers:

* Microsoft Internet Explorer

Supported Operating Systems:

* Windows 98
* Windows 2000
* Windows XP

Dear sillies at jobsearch.unicru.com,

I am not amused. You guys are just fortunate that User Agent Switcher has been given to me as a gift from the computer deities, and that I am nice enough to continue to apply anyway.

Sincerely and with many stuffed penguins hurled at you,

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*points to Foxkeh icon* This is my new default LJ avatar. Yes, the same one that I'm using at ToH right now. Because it's cute. And it matches my new LJ layout, which is Foxkeh with Mt. Fuji in the background. Yes, the same one that Nick and I use on our duel-journal-thing. So I'm unoriginal today. XD I like it though. I think my LJ might be a work in progress for a while though, I sort of want to mess around with LJ layouts and userpics and stuff.

I had to fsck my computer again today (yes I am aware of how funny that phrase looks). It's kind of silly that my compy will just occasionally freak out and demand fsck at random, usually after I do something benign like change my icon theme. Linux has spunk, it's cute. XD It's time to buy a new portable hard drive, though, and back up and/or move a ton of stuff. Because fsck takes like an hour and a half, which is just too long. Stephanie has decreed it so.

My mom has suddenly gone all super-hardcore-healthy-food-crazy, pretty much at random. A few days ago she just decided she was going to wean the entire household off of sugar, junk food, etc. She now makes only natural organic meals and reads excerpts out of a book to us, about healthy eating. This isn't a bad thing though, because not only do I probably have to start eating better anyway, but my mom is a really good cook so basically everything she makes is quite delectable. Besides, I still eat pretty much nothing but pizza for lunch when I'm at work. (Which probably cancels all the healthy eating out... whoops.)

School started today, but not for me~! While everybody else was busy doing homework and stuff, I ran Nick's level-14 mage alt through Deadmines. The jury is still out on whether or not this means Stephanie is putting her college degree to good use. Stay tuned!
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So I'm really starting to feel like I'm missing out on this huge Harry Potter phenomenon because I'm one of approximately five people in the world who hasn't read any of the books. XD Ah well. I hope that you fans enjoy it ^_^

I really don't have much to say but I really wanted to update my journal because I haven't in so long. Nothing much is happening with me. Oh! My job sort of annoyed me because somehow my direct deposit failed to get set up so I haven't been paid yet. But, that and ridiculously hot temperatures aside, I've been doing pretty well and I've been in an overall cheerful mood these past few weeks.

The other day my computer glitched out and started refusing to boot except to a terminal prompt, among other things. Instead of panicking, I sort of calmly ran the file system check and, well... fixed it pretty easily after that. I dunno if it was me being good-with-Linux or Linux being easy-to-fix, (probably the latter) but I felt really good about myself afterwards. I read once that if you want to be good with computers, you have to sort of develop a sense of... faith in yourself that you can figure out problems as they arise. I think that's a good mentality to have for a lot of things.

I also felt really good about myself after somebody I grouped with in WoW complimented me on my use of traps and told me I was a good hunter I am not addicted to Warcraft. *shifty eyes*

Just as I was starting to feel good about myself for a lot of things though, this bad rash (acne-related I think) seems to have developed on my chin out of nowhere and I'm really self-conscious about it... xP Not that you needed to know that, but yeah!

That's about all for now... I'm thirsty... *ponders going to get a Mountain Dew*

(I'm exalted with Stormwind and I'm going to get a horse mount and I'm going to get mail armor and *flails about*)
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No, seriously, don't let me touch your computer, unless you want Linux installed/reinstalled/upgraded.

I'm sensing a pattern here, for what I do anytime anything on my computer goes wrong:

Last Month:
Problem: Windows quits booting up.
Typical Solution: Attempt several fixes as listed on various websites.
Stephanie's Solution: Wipe the hard drive and install Linux.

Problem: Firefox starts acting stupid.
Typical Solution: Make a post on Ubuntu Forums and wait an hour or two for someone to respond, trying various fixes while waiting. Use another browser in the meantime.
Stephanie's Solution: Wipe the hard drive and make a valiant attempt to install Kubuntu Edgy (the upgrade for my current Linux version) and mess with it for several hours before realizing that an unfortunate, documented glitch makes my wireless card incompatible with Edgy. Reinstall Dapper and put all my stuff/programs/customizations back onto it, basically undoing everything I did all day. Accomplish the "undo" in about an hour.

And does this silly, roundabout waste of a day bother me in the slightest? Heck no. This is a blast. And even if I didn't get Edgy working, I'm proud of the way I managed to go from blank-computer to completely-set-up-Linux-box in so short of a timespan. At this point I'm pretty confident in my ability to install Kubuntu Dapper on, well, a dead badger. I do hope that Feisty supports my wireless card when it comes out. I'll be checking first, though.

Coming Soon to an LJ Near You: Photodump! (To include pictures of the set for the play I did, as well as pictures of our new puppy and, at [livejournal.com profile] oltri's request, chickens!)

The Entire World: Stephanie, stop geeking out and go have a nice long chat with Life, he's been meaning to speak to you.
Stephanie: Well tell him to wait until after I finish Final Fantasy 6.
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Couple things to say here.

Firstly, I'm pretty certain that I won't be going back to Microsoft Windows. I got my games working quite well today under Wine (Linux's program that lets you play Windows games), and that was really the only major thing holding me back. StarCraft and WarCraft III both run better on Linux than they did for me natively on Windows XP. The only major problems I'm having are some sound issues, and the way I'm having some trouble getting the latest WarCraft III patch installed. But I'm confident in my ability to figure these out. Just as I'm confident in my ability to figure out any other problems that I might encounter along this road. So yeah, bye Microsoft, you really won't be missed =P

Secondly, I'm quite exhausted from our film shoot which often had me gone some 14-16 hours a day. We aren't even finished yet, but we're getting close. Fortunately.

Thirdly... and this is important, and big...

You know how Nick was going to move here to Montana to be with me this summer?

Well, it's looking like that's not going to happen. Instead, it's looking like I'm going to be going over there, to Washington.

There are several reasons for this. First are ones born of logic. Of the two of us, I'm the one graduating college and needing a good job. I'm the one that's older. I'm the one with more money in the bank. I'm the one who at least has family in the other state. And there are just plain more opportunities in Washington than there are in Montana, in general.

Then there are the other reasons, the ones I can't pin down. The feelings. I feel like something is drawing me over there. I feel like there is a reason for me to be over there. I feel like I have something to do over there, perhaps something important. I don't know what. But I feel it, intuitively. Those of you who are close to me know that I'm not one to take my feelings and intuition lightly. You know that I am apt* to take my feelings as seriously as I take my thoughts-- perhaps even more so. That's a large reason why I'm so "spiritual", because I trust what my feelings tell me regardless of what the logic tells me. And my feelings are telling me I should be going over to Nick, not the other way around. And the logic happens to agree this time, so it seems... like a very good thing.

I've talked to my mom about this and she, as always, is being very supportive and willing to help in any way possible. (Best Mom Ever.)

So yeah. Big changes. I'll keep you all posted.

* I almost turned this "apt" into "apt-get update". Linux is devouring my brain (and I love it!)

Heads Up.

Feb. 23rd, 2007 11:58 pm
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So there's a Joyce & Walky comic where the character Walky is talking about why he never got good grades in school. He says "I didn't want to be smart. I rejected it. Being smart was dumb. I preferred to be happy. Give me cartoons over pondering my morality any day." That comic is the story of my life. Seriously, it's so me. Poor Nick. He's like the most intellectual kid on the planet and he's stuck with a girlfriend whose sole philosophy is "Screw intellectualism, let's play Pokemon!"

Anyways there are a lot of things I need/want to write about, including a deeper look at the above statement as well as an entry on our play "Kimberly Akimbo", among other things. But, those will come later! For now I just wanted to let everyone know that tomorrow begins the Weekend of Doom™ that has been hanging over my head since the beginning of the semester. Essentially I'm going to be off shooting the senior film from sometime in the afternoon tomorrow to 2 or 3 in the morning, or later... oh, and I'll be breaking in the middle to go do the play. Then, I do the same thing on Sunday (minus the play, but I'll still be gone just as long) and then I'm skipping class on Monday to finish stuff up. So yeah!

I think I'm going to skip class on Tuesday as well, even though I don't have anything planned that day (yet). I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a day to sleep and to do the Japanese homework that there is no way I'll be able to do over the weekend.

Computer Rambles, cut for the sanity of non-compy-geeks )

This is the other story of my life, to go with the webcomic-related story of my life at the beginning of this post. Ironic that I love absorbing information but I don't like thinking. Eheh.

This entry was supposed to be like two paragraphs long and it got huge, so I'll be leaving now!


Feb. 22nd, 2007 08:53 am
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So I sort of destroyed my Windows XP yesterday.

I was just going around minding my own business (okay, maybe I was sorta messing with things... >.> shh!) and I had to restart my computer and when it came back up I was greeted with all sorts of fun "OMG CAN'T BOOT, OMG NO DISK, OMG RESTART, OMG STUCK" errors. Going into the BIOS didn't help me at all, and a Google search on my trusty laptop informed me that the solution for this particular error was essentially this: "Nobody knows exactly what causes this error. Here is a list of 5,389,126,734 things you can try that may or may not randomly fix your computer. If none of those work, you're screwed."

Now to be honest with you, I probably could have fixed this thing. I could have gone through the list of things to try and even if none of those had worked, I'm pretty sure I could have at least salvaged what was on the hard drive by taking it out and sticking it in another computer.

But, I didn't feel like it, and I'd also conveniently backed up my most important files just recently. So I was all "Ya know what Windows... bite me" and I stuck the Linux CD in the drive and reformatted.

I have a few slight issues. For starters, I don't have a way to play any PC games at the moment. (Not that I really had the time to anyway, but yeah.) And on top of that, both my desktop's particular wireless card and video card are apparently sworn mortal enemies of Linux. But I'm slowly fixing those things, and I figure that in a few weeks when I have more time I can sit down and either turn my computer into a dual-boot like I was originally planning to do, or get Wine or Cedaga working.

Those are things I will come to when I get there, though. Currently the important thing is that, basically by chance, I am now a real Linux user with no Windows to fall back on. And it's kinda scary and neverwracking and exciting and fun all at the same time. I'm only disappointed that it has to happen right smack in the middle of senior projects when I can't devote my full attention to it.


Feb. 3rd, 2007 08:03 pm
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I needed today to be a day where I could just get away from everything and relax. So that's what I did. I've spent essentially the entire day away from my usual forum and Neopets haunts, and away from most IMs (I've been talking to Nick a bit) and I've sat here on my laptop, customizing it and tweaking it and teaching myself about Linux (because as I'm sure most of you have figured out by now, it's my new obsession... >.>) and listening to soothing music and not thinking about school or any of the other weird things in my life that have been stressing me out recently. I think it's helped a little. Tomorrow should be even better: church never fails to cheer me up immensely, and I also think I'll do some non-computer stuff tomorrow, like reading or drawing. Or Pokemon. XD (or, ya know, homework.)

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