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Well I'm fairly certain that most people have figured this out by now but I think I'm pretty much done with LiveJournal. I never update anymore, 95% of my friends' list doesn't update anymore (and most haven't in years), and most of you have me on various other social networks anyway. I've got nearly ten years of history on this site and a lot has happened in those ten years, both good and bad, which I'm not gonna sit here and recap, but things are going decently at the moment, I suppose. I'm still in retail, but it's the tolerable side of retail, I'm going to England in two weeks, and I seem to be on track to finally joining the adult world at some point in the next two years or so. Not bad overall.

Anyways, I wouldn't expect many new entries here in the future, if at all. If you want to contact me I'm pikestaff on... pretty much everywhere. Twitter, Tumblr, Steam, Facebook (yes Facebook.) Feel free to look me up and add me on any of those and I'll add you back... let me know who you are first.

Stay chilly, free willies!


Sep. 16th, 2012 10:09 am
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I just bought more paid livejournal time for no other reason than not wanting to lose all my user icons.

I am kind of pathetic.
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LJ sent me an email telling me that my paid account expires in like a week.

I'm torn because on the one hand I pretty much never post anymore (although I still show up every other day or so to read my friends' list!) but on the other hand if my paid account goes away I lose like 50 of my user icons or something and I like them :( :(


Mar. 12th, 2012 09:58 am
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Kitty cat mood theme :3

Also, the RAM I ordered for my computer should come in today! Hopefully!
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[livejournal.com profile] technophobia gave me 7 user icons to talk about. As is tradition with this meme, if you comment, I shall give you 7 user icons to talk about :D


This is the character Osaka from an anime/manga called Azumanga Daioh. Now, I'm not a terribly big weeaboo, but I have seen some anime in my time and this is one of my favorites. Osaka has trouble concentrating on things in class, so this was my Official School Icon for a while. I must confess I haven't used it in a while because I haven't been in school!

Chiyo-chan, from the aforementioned anime. I believe I have accurately titled this icon "Cutest Icon Ever". I use it when I am enthralled about something!

Chiyo-chan in a kitty suit. I use it sometimes when I am in a particularly good mood.

I snagged this from someone else years ago because I thought it was funny. The character here is Kain Highwind from Final Fantasy IV, aka one of my many pixel husbandos. I use this icon when certain people/things are irritating me.

Jetfire (aka Skyfire) is my favorite Transformer, because he likes to do science to ALL THE THINGS. This is him as depicted in a webcomic called "Lil' Formers", which I actually don't read, but the art is pretty fantastic. This is sort of an all-purpose icon; he's making a :V face so I use it when I'm being overly verbose or talking about things nobody really cares about.

This is a moogle Time Mage from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I like moogles, I like bunnies, I liked FFTA (deal with it) and I like horology (the study of timekeeping). Hence, the icon. It has a variety of uses: I use it sometimes when I feel like being a horology geek, or if I'm talking about FF, or sometimes if I just want a cute neutral-ish icon.

I can't remember where I picked up this icon; it just amuses me. It's sort of an "Oh boy, things are about to get crazy, time to hide underneath a blanket and tough it out" icon.

IN THIS POST: Pike denies being a weeaboo; promptly talks about three anime and two Final Fantasy LJ icons.
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So I went and removed a bunch of reeeeally inactive people from my LJ friends list for no real reason other than the fact that I am a sperg and the list of friends on my profile page was getting really intimidating and unwieldy due to my having been around for so long and having been in about a million online communities, and it was starting to look like an eyesore. Did I mention I'm OCD?

If you have been active on LJ at any point in the last, like, two years, you're good.* Really the only reason I'm even mentioning this is because I know LJ sends out a big scary "SO-AND-SO HAS REMOVED YOU FROM THEIR FRIENDS LIST, DRAMA INC" email and in the rare event that somebody gets said email and has this sudden urge to return to a website they haven't visited in years just to see why I hate them, they can see that I actually don't hate them.

(And if you actually are one of those people and are in fact coming back, then just poke me or whatnot and I can re-add you. No hard feelings!)

So yeah~


* I also removed some older LJs of people who have since made newer LJs, so yeah don't panic if you're one of those people either :3


May. 31st, 2011 11:29 pm
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I've been on a sci-fi kick lately, due to reading sci-fi related books and playing sci-fi related games and thinking sci-fi related thoughts. "But Pike, you're always on a sci-fi kick!" Well. Yes. But. THE POINT STANDS.

So yeah I redid my whole LJ like I said I was going to. Now with 100% more spaceships and geeky references to games I play. Also, RAICHU MOOD THEME. Which is completely unrelated to everything else, but is adorable, and is sort of related to that Pikachu theme I had for years and years.

Now I'm off to bed. My goal for tomorrow is to finish up that big art commission project that I've chipping away at on and off for a few weeks now. I'm pretty close to done and it'll be nice to finally finish it!

Edit: Happy June, erryone!
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Once a year or so I revamp my whole LJ theme, because I'm a dork who does that sort of thing, and I'm kind of feeling the urge to do that. LJ could really use some better themes, though. I mean they only have so many robot themes. Also I need a new mood theme (already) because Photobucket uploaded the Ponies one wrong and all the gifs are animated funny, and it's bothering me. And yes, I realize that exactly zero people care about all of this, but hey.

ALSO, guys, they haven't really released any details on this yet but the NaNoWriMo staff keeps dropping hints that they're making a new version of NaNoWriMo that happens in the summer. AKA two NaNos a year. Starting this year.

Do you know what this means?


It means I'll be writing two novels this year.

And perhaps every year, hereafter~ :3


Dec. 10th, 2010 05:52 pm
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I sort of think I should do things the hard way and cut off all contact with him for a while. Which would make me feel like a bit of a monster, but right now it's all huggy-touchy-feely-"I miss you too" and I think maybe it's just making things worse, you know, like twisting the knife in the wound or whatever that metaphor is. As it is I just keep getting these random depression spells at inopportune times (like at work) and then all I want to do is talk to him when I get home and yeah, like I said... I think that is maybe just making things worse. =/ Thoughts?

Also, has everyone packed their bags and moved to Facebook/Twitter/Some Other Site I Don't Know About? Because seriously my own entries make up about half of my LJ Friends' Page these days. I'm not complaining, I just want to know if ya'll went somewhere, and if so, where, so I can follow if I haven't already >.> I feel so isolated way out here in the middle of nowhere and I want to keep in touch with everyone. *nod*
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Firstly, I need to apologize if I have been snappy or otherwise not-like-myself to anyone as of late; I've been feeling really out of it for a variety of reasons and I'm trying to distract myself from it but probably with mixed results.

To that end, here's a meme:

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

[livejournal.com profile] elfennau picked these icons for me to talk about:

This is a World of Warcraft screenshot that I took long, long ago (back when the levelcap was still 70, and I didn't have an epic mount yet)-- it's my character Tawyn flying at night in Nagrand. I really liked the way it looked, so I screenshotted it, and then turned it into an icon with a Firefly quote attached. I'm not exactly sure what inspired me to iconify it like that, but... I am fond of how it turned out.

Also it reminds me of long nights spend farming motes with Firefly in the background to distract me. Mote farming... *shudder*

This is my alter-ego, Pikestaff the Clockwork Hare. I think this is actually the most recent picture of her that I've drawn. I'm still sorta kinda playing with her character design, but this version looks okay.

This is Jetfire/Skyfire, probably my favorite Transformer. The artwork is from a webcomic called "Lil' Formers" which I actually don't read, but I adore the artwork!

This is Pikestaff back before she turned into a brass automaton-- she was actually a fairly normal anthropomorphic hare who has been my alter-ego since I was about 13 or 14 years old. I usually drew her in different poses and costumes, and this is her in a fedora and trenchcoat... which is actually pretty normal gear for me. (Well, not lately, because it's 79 BILLION DEGREES OUTSIDE, but you know.)

This is the character Osaka from the anime "Azumanga Daioh". Her catch phrase is "Shikkari, shikkari, shikkari"... which she tells herself to focus while in school, but then she inevitably gets distracted anyway. It reminded me a lot of myself so Osaka sort of became my official Personal University Mascot and I attached this icon to most posts that had to do with school. Since graduating I don't use this icon much anymore, but I still like it.


So yeah, comment if you want to participate~


Aug. 28th, 2008 07:22 pm
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LJ Revamp 2008: New LJ theme (well, old one, but I haven't used it in a while), deleted some user icons I never use (still got more I want to delete later), new LJ title for literally the first time since 2004, new default user icon of the Most Esteemed Pikestaff the Hare Esq., et cetera, et cetera, and so forth...

Still contemplating a new mood theme; I spent FOREVER on my custom webcomic one which I am using currently, but I've been using it for a long time and I'm feelin' like something different. This will be thought about.

Nick and I rolled matching Gnome Mages on an RP-PvP server. I am... so not supposed to be having this much fun playing a non-hunter class. SO WRONG. =|

Contemplating applying for a job at Wells Fargo; word on the street is that they have a really good entry wage. And it's not open on Sundays, so I wouldn't have to jump through hoops to get Sundays off. And I'd have the evenings off. I have, at this point, accepted the fact that I have sort of failed a lot of "life things" and my college education has culminated in no real immediate prospects other than clawing my way up the minimum wage ladder, and for some reason I'm okay with that. I went to school, I had a good time, I'm tens of thousands of dollars in debt now and wishing I'd majored in something else, but hey, at least I went.

Fall is in the air, and it's making me happy. The Post-School Funk is sorta getting to me again, but it's not as bad as last year. I still feel this itching to buy school supplies...

...in closing, Nick been reading me "Star Wars: Heir to the Empire" and I have been reading him "WarCraft: The Last Guardian". All your geek books are belong to me.
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So despite the fact that my schedule today is less than ideal-- leaving for work in a few minutes, and I'll be there the rest of the night-- I feel satisfied about my day so far. I feel like I got some stuff done and that I've done the best I can to make today a Good Day. This results in a happy Stephanie. The fact that I have the next two days off helps too.

By the way, this probably isn't super-relevant to your lives or anything, but I've decided to really make an effort into writing more in my LJ (I've reeeeeally been slackin') and commenting more on your guys'. To help facilitate this, I've gone through and removed super-busy-LJ-communities-- ya know, the ones that update like 20+ times a day-- from my friends' list. I will still be a member of those communities and will still be reading them, but I'll be going to their own separate page to read them instead of having them knock my actual friends' entries off my friends' page within a few hours. I did this a couple days ago, actually, and I've appreciated the change of pace a lot. It means I'm more likely to remember your entries and more likely to comment =D And that's the whole point of LJ is it not?

In closing:

Work tiem nao.
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I'm currently messing around with new themes for my LJ. I love the Foxkeh ones (they match my wallpaper, and current default icon) but LJ only has two versions and I've used them both for long amounts of time.

So right now I have a cute penguin theme which matches my penchant for Linux geekery.

However, there are also cute kitty themes and cute robots-taking-over-Tokyo themes. So I'm torn. I might play around with a few different LJ themes for a bit before settling on one.

In other news, I wish I had a Nintendo 64. Good stuff on that system. Good stuff.
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Ever wonder what my user icons are of or what they are for? Wonder no longer, for I'm bringing you a post all about my LiveJournal avatars/user icons (pick your preferred term).

I see pretty pictures. Lots of them. )

And there you have it! My LJ user icons: what they are, and why they are here. Pointless post much? Maybe, yeah, but I had fun writing it all out. It seriously took me an hour and a half though. But then, I paused for lunch in the middle.

I work tonight, and then tomorrow I open at 6am! Tomorrow I also go to visit the orthodontist for the first time in ten years. Hopefully I can get a new retainer. I am in dire need of one.
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I don't think anybody really reads my LJ very much anymore. But! That is okay, and understandable. My posts have been rather repetitive and boring recently. I think I've been a rather repetitive and boring person lately, actually.

I haven't been very satisfied with my journal lately, now that I think about it. I'd like to introduce more variety into what I write, not just for the benefit of my readers, but for myself... this is my journal, afterall. I don't want to look back on this journal 20 years from now and see nothing but a mess of QQ/indecision posts about work. Yes it's important to include those posts and that aspect of my life, but I want to include a lot of stuff aside from that too. So, I want to start posting about different things. And maybe start up that whole, more subject-related "journal" thing I was doing for a while.

Speaking of looking back on old journal entries, did you guys know that I've been keeping diaries and journals since I was eight years old? They were all old-fashioned with paper and pen until I got an LJ a few years ago and it shifted to an electronic and "social" format. One of these days, sometime soon I hope, I'm going to go back through my old journals and read them and post some of the highlights here for us all to giggle at/reminisce about. Because wouldn't it be great to see what sorts of things eight-year-old Stephanie journaled about? (Hint: I'm pretty sure most of it was "How far I got today in [insert video game here]". So maybe it's not that interesting after all. XD)

Personally I'm excited for a change in my Livejournaling habits. They've been pretty stagnant for a while, it's time to put more interesting types of writings here.

But for now, I leave you with an amusing work anecdote. I was scheduled to be in at 6:00am but apparently none of the managers were scheduled until 7:00. So for an hour I stood around outside and waited for somebody to come unlock the door for me. XD It was irritating at the time but now that I look back on it, it was kinda funny. Of course then we walked in and were greeted with water all over the floor and an aquarium emergency, but that's another story! =P
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*points to Foxkeh icon* This is my new default LJ avatar. Yes, the same one that I'm using at ToH right now. Because it's cute. And it matches my new LJ layout, which is Foxkeh with Mt. Fuji in the background. Yes, the same one that Nick and I use on our duel-journal-thing. So I'm unoriginal today. XD I like it though. I think my LJ might be a work in progress for a while though, I sort of want to mess around with LJ layouts and userpics and stuff.

I had to fsck my computer again today (yes I am aware of how funny that phrase looks). It's kind of silly that my compy will just occasionally freak out and demand fsck at random, usually after I do something benign like change my icon theme. Linux has spunk, it's cute. XD It's time to buy a new portable hard drive, though, and back up and/or move a ton of stuff. Because fsck takes like an hour and a half, which is just too long. Stephanie has decreed it so.

My mom has suddenly gone all super-hardcore-healthy-food-crazy, pretty much at random. A few days ago she just decided she was going to wean the entire household off of sugar, junk food, etc. She now makes only natural organic meals and reads excerpts out of a book to us, about healthy eating. This isn't a bad thing though, because not only do I probably have to start eating better anyway, but my mom is a really good cook so basically everything she makes is quite delectable. Besides, I still eat pretty much nothing but pizza for lunch when I'm at work. (Which probably cancels all the healthy eating out... whoops.)

School started today, but not for me~! While everybody else was busy doing homework and stuff, I ran Nick's level-14 mage alt through Deadmines. The jury is still out on whether or not this means Stephanie is putting her college degree to good use. Stay tuned!
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I actually made a journal entry earlier today but then I was looking over it and decided it was kind of rambly and I didn't like it, so I made it private. =P

So I'm writing a new one, essentially to say that I'm going to be gone most of the next two weeks. Basically, it's tech-time for Joel's play which then leads directly into dress rehearsals and opening night. And I don't know if I mentioned this or not, but I'm not just bringing in the props for the play... I'm also going to be there every night dressed in black moving stuff around between scenes. xP So yeah, I have lots of full-rehearsal-days and such coming up.... not to mention the film shoot, which is going to involve a few all-nighters. On Saturday the 24th I run straight from Joel's play to an overnight shoot. Ah, show business.

So yeah, just to let you all know!

Oh, and LJ now offers Foxkeh journal layouts. (Foxkeh being Japan's uber-cute mascot for the Firefox browser).


LJ has fulfilled all my hopes and dreams.
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I was getting restless with my LJ and feeling the need for a fresh start, so I've made some changes. First of all, I'm now using a really cute bunny theme. ^_^ Secondly, I've rewritten my profile page a bit. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly... my journal is no longer Friends' Only.

I've been thinking about that last one for a while now. The main reason I originally made my journal Friends' Only was because I was getting a lot of people who I didn't know and who had nothing in common with me suddenly randomly adding me, and I was uncomfortable with the idea of them being able to read my entries on their friends' page. But since then it has occurred to me that I don't make very many entries that I really wouldn't mind sharing with whoever wanted to read them, and the few entries I do make that are too personal for that are usually friends-filtered anyway.

Nick went ahead and made his journal public not too long ago; his reasoning was that previously if he wanted to show people his journal, they would have to make an account and friend him. He wanted to be able to show people his journal without them having to do that. That sounds like a logical reason to me as well, so I've followed suit.

So yeah, public journal now. I can always change back later if it causes issues but I'm really not anticipating any. =P

I think I'd also like to touch up my mood theme (the pictures are all still too large), and possibly go through my Interests' List... although I tend to keep that fairly frequently updated so I don't know if I'd need to change anything.

I think that's all! In other news, it's snowing quite a bit outside right now (finally!) and I only have one more week left of break. Last semester of school: here we come.

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