Jul. 7th, 2010 09:37 pm
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I keep thinking I should update LJ but I'm not sure what to update it with.

Umm, I'm still waiting for my Neopets accounts to come back. I've sorta kinda switched to Teripets, which is a site I've played off and on since 2005. It's basically Neopets except run by individuals out-of-pocket rather than run by a big corporation. It has a fraction of the community and a fraction of the stuff to do, but the art is pretty and it has the basics that I'm looking for (customizable pet site that involves things like restocking/moneymaking) and I'm sure their customer service doesn't take weeks to get back to you =P

Actually, as far as Neopets is concerned, I'm 90% certain I'm never gonna see my Draik again, because in my well-meaning idea to send him over to a side, I inadvertently sent him to a side that had been cracked before, and Neopets gets harsher and harsher the more a certain account has been cracked. So while I think I'm on step 475 of 476 of getting my main account back, I'm still somewhere around step 1 or 2 on the side, and I think they're gonna keep ignoring me. GG, self!

/end Neopets rambles that nobody will care about or comprehend

Ummm my apartment gets inspected tomorrow. Most of my family is gonna head over in the morning with me and help me clean. Then I'll finally be done with the whole ordeal. Except for the unpacking bit...

BUT ON THE OTHER HAND: Toy Story 3 tomorrow! I love that I've grown up with this series. I was in sixth grade when I saw the first. <3
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Both Neopets accounts are now frozen. Sent in recovery forms for both. No idea if I'm getting both or either back.

Moooostly moved in to my new place. Wireless is sketchy but works. The ultimate test will be to see if WoW works (was far too tired to test last night, and maintenance today. Oh, also, my account expired. That might throw a wrench in the system also.)

I still have some crap to take care over over at the old apartment but I figure I can do that throughout the week, between work shifts.

My family is massively super into organic/all-natural/gluten-free/etc. foods so I have installed a mini-fridge in my room so I can continue eating like a pig, haha. *watches lifespan take a nose dive*

So, these? Yes. VERY YES. K is for Potassium. I laughed hard and I shall continue to do so.
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Logged into Neopets this morning to do my dailies and found my account had been ransacked: 6 million Neopoints gone and my inbox full of mysterious neomails regarding doing business with someone else over a super rare item at 3 AM. Logged into a side account, which had a completely different password, and found a similar story: Neopoints gone and several mysterious neomails from "me" regarding buying various rare items.

Miraculously, though, all of my actual pets were untouched, including my Draik: the rarest and most expensive pet in the game.

I went on a password-changing spree and then whipped off a neomail to TNT (The Neopets Team) explaining the situation. It was at this point that I remembered that the last time something similar happened and I neomailed TNT, they froze my account. So in a rare moment of foresight I quickly transferred my Draik over to a side account. It turns out that this was quite prescient of me, because no more than five minutes later, my account was frozen. The good news is that this time the reason they give for freezing is "for my own protection" as opposed to last time's "because you broke the rules" so I'd like to think I have a good shot at getting it back, eventually.

So my Draik is safe. But most of my other pets are gone. And six million Neopoints-- a year of saving-- also gone.

Even if TNT gives me my account back, the NP are gone for good. People who are used to, say, Blizzard's typical way of customer service in this regard are usually shocked to find out that the Neopets equivalent is essentially "We'll give you your account back, but not any lost items/money, because it's your own damn fault." And to be fair, they're right-- my fault for not browsing with NoScript on my Firefox, which you basically have to do these days.

Makes me sick though. Ugh. I love this game but this keeps freaking happening. It also really disappoints me that the human race pulls off stunts like this. I mean, you'd think I'd be used to it by now, having worked in retail and seeing dozens of examples of theft every single day. But I guess I just had hope that the world was better than this.

At least my watch gets more and more accurate by the day. The one thing in my life that doesn't let me down.


May. 5th, 2010 06:03 pm
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After a YEAR I finally got my compromised Neopets account unfrozen.

Apparently "mulitple users" tried to write in to Neopets and claim that it was "their" account. Ugh. Just ugh.

...of course now I think I'm going to keep my new account my "main" >_> It has the steampunk site theme and all the steampunk clothes, ahaha. Also, looking through my old account is just... ugh. Like coming home to a broken in house or something. The account thief destroyed my gallery, all my stocks, and lots of hard work. Fortunately I had a PIN number on my bank account that they couldn't get; over 3 million NP in there. But, I dunno. It doesn't feel like "my" account anymore.

I think I might just transfer my pets/NP over to the account I have been using this past year and go from there. You're allowed to do that once a year or so according to TNT, so long as you make your intentions clear.

Still, OH MY GOSH.
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So yesterday I was on Neopets (cause I'm playing Neopets a lot lately, WHAT.) Anyways apparently they released some new wearable stuff in their NeoCash store-- aka, you give 'em $10 and you get a bunch of stuff to customize your Neopets with-- and there was one called "MOLTARA INVENTORS' SUPER PACK", or something, and I shouldn't have... but I did... spent real money on Neopets (not the first time, remember Neopets Premium?)

But guys.



And then this one is supposed to be Captain Nemo (except not in a submarine apparently, WTB more backgrounds)

Ahaha I love this game ^_^ And I haven't played WoW in like a week x_x No, I'm serious. Every week I log in, we kill Anub'arak, and then I log back out 'til next week. ._. My blog has gone to pot, as you can imagine. Derp.
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Just an FYI.

And now, I go back to alternating between writing in my book, and playing Neopets games (Neopets is letting you send the scores 5x a day instead of 3x a day right now because of their 10th birthday :3 )
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Because I can't find my Game Boy Advance games (and my Game Boy Advance games happen to be probably my best game collection at the moment-- don't ask), and because LFG even hates my healer (what is this, Backwards Day? I couldn't even get into the heroic daily), I am playing Neopets. And you can't stop me.

Also possibly seeing Transformers 2 tomorrow because somehow I managed to get out of work. Without even asking. That's talent.

Edit: Rank 2 in Yooyuball, ohyeeeah

Edit 2: *dumps more neopoints in the Stock Market in her neverending quest to reclaim her former account's glory on her new account*
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I wish I knew how to quit you x_x

(Yes, my main account is still frozen. Yes, I started actively playing on a side account. Ironically, it's actually fun again-- with my original account, once I'd met all my goals, it just turned into an endless stream of dailies. But now I have goals again.)

So yeah it turns out after all these months I'm still an addict. /cry
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So I filled out the Neopets form that you fill out when you get cracked and sent it in; a few hours later I have no e-mail from them as you are supposed to get, but my account has been "frozen"... aka disabled.

This puts me oddly at peace. This means regardless of the outcome, the account thief can't be riding on my Neo-success anymore.

Two outcomes to this: the preferable one is that Neopets did this as a step to stop the intruder and the account will be restored to me shortly. The other one, and sadly one that is just as likely if not more so (Neopets is notorious for this sort of thing) is that I will not be getting it back regardless. While two years ago this would have devastated me... because I have largely moved on from the game towards greener pastures, now it's just mildly concerning. If I wind up not getting the account back, I think I am ready to accept that my pixels were fun at the time, but they're gone.

Either way the account thief doesn't have my account anymore, so /strut

(internets, serious business)
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So I don't care if I never log in there anymore these days or whatever, I put so much hard work into it and h2394t8aogwert9q3ta

...somebody stole my Neopets account >.>
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For somebody who "quit" Neopets about a year ago, I sure am playing a lot of it right now. >.>


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Time to listen to Stephanie ramble about her (un)employment status. Hopefully you guys won't mind!

I spent a good solid few hours today reading and re-reading the job openings section of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle aaaand I'm not satisfied with what I'm seeing. I guess this doesn't surprise me now that I think about it, I was probably being far too picky and setting overly high standards for what I want in a job.

So after doing a lot of thinking, here's what I've basically narrowed my choices down to:

Cut for being sort of long )

And there you have it, that's what I'm looking at right now. I need to make a decision sometime in the next couple of days and I'm having trouble with that... I've been cycling through these options all day and I seem to keep finding myself "coming to a definite decision!!" only to go "Oh wait I changed my mind!" a few hours later. Any advice would be appreciated, on either these options that I've laid out or maybe some others that I've missed!

In other news, I've decided I like the new Neopets customization thing. Thanks to a spur-of-the-moment decision, My Draik is now an awesome Royal/Electric hybrid. I'm also completely broke now because it cost me 2 million neopoints. But. Yes.

I'm going to bed now. G'night!
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So it occurred to me that I should maybe update LJ seeing as how I haven't done that in a few days. I really don't have much to say though, nothing really has been going on.

So basically I'm sick with a rather irritatingly persistent virus, or bacteria, or something. Today is my seventh day of a sore throat. And throughout the past seven days, various other ailments have come and gone, including a cough, a runny nose, a stuffy nose, the inability to do much more than make croaking noises, and an extreme lack of energy. This has not been a particularly fun way to start Spring Break (cause yes, this week is my Spring Break.)

Hence, I really haven't done much at all recently except lay in bed and read or play video games. Not that either of those things are bad, mind you. But I was kind of hoping to get a lot more done. I had better be improving now. xP By the way for those that were not aware, Final Fantasy 6 is love. Especially Edgar with the Chainsaw. And that room full of Moogles. ...no, not the two of them together. >.> I love my Moogles.

I applied for a job at Neopets a few days ago. XD They're hiring Site Monitors... people who try to keep the neoboards and such clean... and it's a work-at-home job because they like to have people from different time zones so they have monitors online 24/7. And yeah, it's an actual, paid-with-real-money (not Neopoints, unfortunately, though I'd accept that too) job. They said to send in a resume detailing both your real-life and Neopets experience, so I did. And supposedly they'll be calling me within a couple days if they decide to hire me. I don't think they will, though... I'm just being realistic, I'm sure they got hundreds upon hundreds of applications. XD

Oh well. I do sort of wonder if working for Neopets would kill my enjoyment of it. Maybe I am better off simply keeping it a game and not a career. *shrugs* (Won't stop me from going "OMGYES" if they call and ask if I want a job XD)
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I was playing Neopets at school just now (hey, I had the time, for once =P) and I found a poor lonely blue lupe named "LinkSkywalker" in the pound.

I got onto my side account and adopted him.

He ish mine.

(A much more meaningful LJ post containing a rather important announcement will come in a few days. Honest.)

EDIT: Oh crap, I forgot to feed him! *runs back onto Neopets to feed him*
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Today I went to see Image hosted by Photobucket.com after school (which made me quite happy) and then I went home and did a bunch of homework, and now I am hand-drawing a map for the Temple of 1000 Tombs because I'm a geek and for the life of me I can't find the fifth door.

I'm also a geek because in the movie it started playing Gustav Holst in a greenhouse and showed a CD cover that said "The Plants Suite" and I thought it was about the funniest thing ever.

Along with the "Watership Down" reference.

Yep yep.
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Very few of you will appreciate this, but...

One million shiny, glorious... )

Also Cerapter, you hush before you say anything. XD Nah, I concede defeat, you are a bigger Neopets Geek than I am, because you have far more moneys and you also completed that tablet thing. >.> XD

And Advent Children is yummy, yus. X_X Hence the fact that Vincent is going to be my default avatar for an unspecified amount of time. Vinny is love.
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The Financial Aid gods have smiled upon me after all, and I no longer owe the university money!


Nothing much else happened to me today, I got out of class early because a movie the History teacher was trying to show us failed to track (cause it was an old VHS) and he didn't have any other lessons prepared, so... yup!

I open at work tomorrow, but it would seem that I'm actually liking my job as of late so I'm okay with it.

I just made a new personal highscore on the Typing Terror game on Neopets *COUGH COUGH* Um, nothing... >.>

And now to bed!


Jul. 3rd, 2005 09:41 am
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pikestaff got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com

Painted Disco. Cost me 225k NP.

And now I'm broke. >.>

*puts the Nerkmids and Dubloons she had in her Safety Deposit Box into her shop, and sticks her Icetravaganza Scratchcard into the Trading Post*

[/Geeky Neopets Post]

(P.S. Half-Price-Day makes it near-impossible to do any sort of restocking... too hectic >.>)
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Okay, so for having only gotten three hours of sleep last night, I'm WAY too awake. I mean seriously. I was near comatose this morning, but since about lunchtime, I've been more awake than I have in... a long time. This is running off of three hours of sleep, people. Meh. I won't question it.

So yeah, last night I did the whole stand-in-line-and-wave-lightsabers-around Star Wars Midnight Showing thing. It was awesome. I was going to make an in-depth post on my detailed thoughts on the movie, but now I don't feel like it. So maybe later.



pikestaff got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com

One year to the day later... I'm still addicted. Actually I've gone through several phases of inactivity (several LONG phases, I might add,) but I am currently a born-again addict and have been for, oh, probably about a month or two now. Don't laugh.

I have some memes/quizzes and stuff that I need to post, but not now because... I don't feel like it, and I'm not sure why. Probably tomorrow though.

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