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It's looking more and more like next month will be spent sleeping on my parents' couch... I'm trying to stay upbeat though, I mean really just a few months (hopefully) to jobhunt and get back on my feet.

So, things that make me happy lately:


I happened to be listening to Poker Face when I saw that picture and I about DIED, seriously I am so glad I was done with my Dr Pepper at that point or I would've had to clean my keyboard. YOU CAN'T READ RAICHU'S POKE-FACE. It cracks me up so much-- I am so lame xD

* My watch has been running for 48 hours now and it has yet to gain or lose even a minute. This will sound so dorky but seriously it is somehow comforting to know that there were people out there clever enough to invent a device that can tell time so well :3

* MY MUSICAL TASTE IS SO BAD, if it involves synthpop/cheesy dance beats and female vocals I am pretty much all over it. Also, Men Without Hats. This includes Safety Dance on Glee.
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"Ambassador Sarek is assigned to escort an alien ambassador in the Neutral Zone.
Fortunately, Captain Kirk meets a scantily clad female alien who may know more about the situation."


"Sulu discovers some cryogenically frozen humans where no man has gone before.
To resolve the situation, Captain Kirk is forced into a deadly duel in which his shirt gets torn."

ALSO, they have TNG:

"Q gets amnesia in the holodeck.
Can Wesley resolve the situation?"

^ does anyone else think this would be the most hilarious episode ever?


Edit: WHILE WE'RE ON THE SUBJECT I totally met someone the other day whose last name was Cochrane. FIRST CONTACT IS HAPPENING SOON, AND IT IS HAPPENING HERE
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When I was a kid in Washington State and in choir class in elementary school, we sang this song for our Christmas program. It was similar to "Jingle Bells" in that while the tune was not the same, it meshed well enough that you could sing the two songs together and it would form a neat little medley.

Anyway, this is how the song goes:

"Grab your coat and mittens and your old wooden sled
We'll go up to Deadman's Hill to see if it is ready yet
It snowed last night and it's supposed to snow today
If it sticks they'll close the school and have a holiday

So let it snow the whole night long
Let the wind blow cold and let the snow drift everywhere
We've been waiting all year long
But it snowed last night and we are on our way"

This was a catchy song that has stuck with me through the years and today I found myself wanting to re-discover it, so off I went to Google. And guess what.


Actually that's not entirely true. I turned up four links that contained references to this song. Four.

One of them is a reference in an X-Files fanfic. (Interestingly, the fanfic describes it as "A song [Scully's] elementary school chorus had once sung for a Christmas concert.")

One of them is on a Geocities-esque "Poems I Like" page with no references to who wrote it or where it came from, although it says that the title is "Coat n' Mittens" (no idea if it really is or not). From what I can tell the person whose site it is is roughly my age and lives in Maine.

One of them is on a Twitter account that is supposedly from South Africa, according to the "location" field.

And one of them is a MySpace forum thread where somebody briefly mentions it as "a Secret Jingle Bells verse." The person who posted it up is based in Austin, Texas.


I find myself at a loss to where this song came from. My only explanation thus far is that perhaps my choir teacher made it up and the only people who knew it actually, at some point, went to my school or knew people who did. Though if the locations given for these people is correct, they've traveled far and wide since then. (To be fair, I have too.)

(Edit: or perhaps it's just some obscure sheet music that a few choir teachers around the world bought at music stores?)

But this is bothering the heck out of me. I MUST KNOW WHERE THIS SONG COMES FROM.

Halp D=
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So in a random moment of OCD today, I decided that my keyboard (which I have had since... 2006 I think?) was disgusting, so I unplugged it, pried off all the keys one by one with a screwdriver, and cleaned out the whole inside (as well as all the individual keys) with rubbing alcohol and Q-tips. The whole project took about an hour.


* Completely random keys will be the dirtiest. My F9 key was really gooey. I have no idea why. I NEVER USE THE F KEYS. Tab and Caps Lock were pretty bad too.

* The inside of my keyboard consisted of about 50% crumbs and 50% disturbingly large dust bunnies. The sheer number of dust bunnies caught me off guard.

* The spacebar key is a tricky little bugger and comes with a little metal bar that has to be set in exactly the right place when you put it back. Otherwise it only works half the time.

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Trying to decide which game would be the most fun to play so far: "M.C. Escher's Kart Blast" or "Unstoppable Insect Nation".

Edit: "Legend of Walrus Temple" aaaand we have a winner.


Sep. 16th, 2008 09:05 pm
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Someday I will have something actually exciting and interesting to write about in my LJ, other than "Today I did my laundry and ate a delightful chocolate turnover."



So yeah today I did my laundry and ate a delightful chocolate turnover.
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I was thinking the other day about things that are silly but have also stuck in my mind as rather big disappointments. There are three I can think of off the top of my head:

1. Mozart's Skull: Some time ago there was this big special about Mozart on Discovery Channel or something. They were leading up to this thing for weeks. "WE FOUND THIS UNIDENTIFIED SKULL IN AUSTRIA, IS IT MOZART'S? WE WILL REVEAL THE TRUTH IN OUR SPECIAL!" So I watched it; it was all documentary-style and everytime they switched to a commercial break they'd remind you "WATCH THE ENTIRE THING, WE WILL REVEAL THE RESULT OF OUR FORENSICS!!" So I watched the whole hour long thing and got to the end and "THE RESULTS OF OUR TEST ARE... INCONCLUSIVE!!" Yeah.

2. Evolution: The Board Game: I played this in science class in 7th grade. The ironic thing is that at the time I was living in a small town where it was generally accepted that Captain Planet was evil incarnate, but nobody cared about Evolution: The Board Game. Aaanyways that was a tangent and not the point of this example, so moving on... the only way to "win" Evolution: The Board Game was to follow the correct path to evolve into a human by the end of the game. The only problem is, halfway through the game, you'd have to roll a dice to determine if you would evolve into a dinosaur or a mammal. If you evolved into a dinosaur, well that was pretty epic and everything, but then you'd evolve into a bird (NOT a human) and it was basically game over for you halfway through the game. Big fail!

3. Regis leaving Who Wants to be a Millionaire: Cause that show used to be cool before then.

Alright, that does it for my little mini-post of random silly disappointments. In other news, the big rash on my face has almost completely cleared up since I started taking allergy medicine every day =D /dance
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"Chris, where have you been?"

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Today was kind of a blah day. Nothing really exciting happened, but nothing really bad happened either. It just sort of ends with me feeling rather unsatisfied with how it went. And writing about it so I can show off my new Pandaren user icon *points* =D Kung Pow Panda is unamused.

Hay Medivh, I'm in ur tower takin' ur lewts OR AT LEAST DOWNING YOUR TRASH MOBS. XD Because we haven't actually gotten a full raid group together or anything, we're just messing around. My guild is cute and we're waiting for more people to be ready and stuff. <3

In other news, ya know what's good? Apple slices and peanut butter. I had some for lunch today. I think I want some for lunch tomorrow. Good thing we have lots in the fridge =D


Jan. 4th, 2008 11:33 am
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Yesterday at work, a fish leaped out of one of the top-row tanks and hit me in the face before continuing its journey to the floor.

In case you were curious.
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It has occurred to me that a Star Trek:TNG marathon would be epic.

That is all.

Now I go to work.
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Ever wonder what my user icons are of or what they are for? Wonder no longer, for I'm bringing you a post all about my LiveJournal avatars/user icons (pick your preferred term).

I see pretty pictures. Lots of them. )

And there you have it! My LJ user icons: what they are, and why they are here. Pointless post much? Maybe, yeah, but I had fun writing it all out. It seriously took me an hour and a half though. But then, I paused for lunch in the middle.

I work tonight, and then tomorrow I open at 6am! Tomorrow I also go to visit the orthodontist for the first time in ten years. Hopefully I can get a new retainer. I am in dire need of one.
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"Like a virgin... downing Illidan for the very first time."
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Random Listing of Things that Make Me Happy:
- The fact that it's May 22 and it's snowing outside.
- The way Amarok integrates so seamlessly and easily with my iPod. (I love you Linux)
- My room, which is now quite clean. I still have a little organizing left to do but overall it's looking very good indeed.
- Nick <3
- The way I've made about a million neopoints in the past few weeks thanks to my stocks and a little bit of luck!
- Being finished with school.
- Listening to my music while viewing the breathtaking views of Yellowstone National Park. I might go into more depth on this in a later entry, but for now let's just say that my mom's idea of "wildlife/wilderness music" is rather different from mine, and I'm glad mine is different.

I've been scarce recently and I'm afraid I'll probably continue to be scarce through this weekend. Ah well.

In other news, I have a ton of pictures which I need to post... oh and I should probably call GameStop because they haven't gotten back to me. I sort of have a feeling I didn't get the job. That's okay though, I really need to get something better than what they were offering. And it's better to not get a job because you've over-qualified than to not get one because you're under-qualified, I think. Furthermore, I went to Target the other day to develop some film and I had two different people literally begging me to come back as soon as I walked in the door. So it's good to know that if worse comes to worse, I do in fact have a well-paying job waiting for me.

I saw Shrek 3 yesterday. It never quite hit the same heights that the first two movies attained, but it had its moments. I'm really excited for Pirates of the Caribbean though.
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Today out of boredom I booted up Krita (aka Linux-Paint) and doodled up a sketch of my chibi-cybernetic-alter-ego hugging Tux, the Linux mascot:

(I actually once drew a much better picture of this same pose using old-fashioned pencil and paper, but I'm having scanner issues at the moment so I'm afraid I can't show it.)

Anyways, then I sent it to Nick, and he promptly requested a picture of a chibi-cybernetic version of him, hugging Aristotle, his favorite philosopher.

The result:


Edit: And for our friend Hux...

Edit Edit: If you want a picture of a chibi-cyborg version of yourself hugging something you love, let me know what you'd like to be hugging and I'll make you a picture. XD
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This is a list of DVDs that I own.

1. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
2. The Emperor's New Groove
3. Dumb & Dumber
4. Rat Race
5. Spaceballs
6. The ChubbChubbs!
7. George Lucas in Love
8. Invader Zim Volume 1: Doom Doom Doom
9. Invader Zim Volume 2: Progressive Stupidity
10. Invader Zim Volume 3: Horrible Holiday Cheer
11. The Lion King 1 ½
12. Olive the Other Reindeer
13. Napoleon Dynamite
14. Airplane!
15. Shrek 2
16. Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)
17. All The President's Men
18. Casablanca

There, that should give you a pretty good inkling of my twisted little personality.

Most Wanted DVD right now is the original "Shrek", which for the life of me I can not find in WIDESCREEN. I've been looking for it for the past couple years. I'm pretty sure you can get it on Amazon though. It's going to be on my Birthday/Christmas List.

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