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So I had a lot of time at work to think (like I usually do) and I came up with another Wacky Idea Copyright Pike involving my future. Specifically I was all "Self, you are madly in love with your watch, and with timepieces in general, and it's one of the few things you've found that combines lots of tech with lots of art, so you should totally go into watchmaking." There seems to be a market for it right now, especially cause nobody really goes into it anymore, you start with a decent wage, and presumably I'd still have time left over for writing and stuff.

There are four big things holding me back on this idea.

One is that I'd have to move, which is expensive. Seattle has the closest program, I'd probably go there. Still, that's gonna cost money.

Two is that I doubt my own skills/potential skill. I keep reminding myself that I've done all sorts of things before that I would have previously dubbed "impossible" (writing a novel in a month, becoming a crazy expert on all things fish, etc.) but I still am nervous about it.

Three is that the two-year program costs pretty much as much as a normal university major when you toss in all the tools that you've gotta buy, and I dunno how their Financial Aid works with that kind of thing or even if they would offer it.

Four is that I have this gnawing fear inside of me that I'll just end up ruining yet another of my interests, because most anything that I have ever been interested in stops being interesting to me once it becomes either a job or a major for any length of time. =S

I just don't know! I want to figure out what to do with my life before I get too much older here, (before 30 would be nice), but it's so hard when my interests seem to be so... widespread...

...I should just pick something and stick with it, shouldn't I?
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Ah yes, it's that time again, when a geeky twentysomething's thoughts turn to going back to school...

...so yeah, no big secret that I want to go back to school. Preferably for something a wee bit more practical than "film", but which I am still interested in. My biggest fear is that whatever I pick is going to turn into the next "film", aka, something that I am obsessive over at the time but which kind of blows over two or three years later. And then I'm going to be stuck again.

As part of an effort to try to avoid this trap I've mostly been contemplating the two possibilities that seem to have held my interest the longest: computers, and chemistry. But I've had a few "Well you shouldn't major in that because... [insert reasons here]" responses from reasonable people on each one and that combined with my other fears has me waffling on them.

Anyways, everybody keeps telling me I'd be a good teacher so I'm keeping that open as a possibility too. First I was thinking science teacher, then the other day somebody told me I should be a history teacher* and I was all, "Hmm. I could see that."

Who knows though? I want to pick something and stick with it and love it, because I don't want to be that 30-year-old working in retail, but it's so hard when I want to do EVERYTHING. (Did I mention that I want to take flying lessons, also? That has been a lifelong dream of mine.)

Perhaps from now on when people ask what I want to do when I grow up, I'll tell them "Collect useless degrees." That sounds like a plan to me.


* What brought this on was my ability to determine what specific decade a certain 19th century fashion was from, which I completely blame on MONTHS OF NOVEL RESEARCH, by the way. *shifty eyes*
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chthonic \THONE-ik\, adjective:
Dwelling in or under the earth; also, pertaining to the underworld

Okay so I'm probably super behind the times here but it's a real word and not just made up by Lovecraft. I didn't know this until now and it is totally awesome.

Just sayin'.

Gosh I miss my linguistics class I took when I was a froshie. That and black-and-white darkroom photography were probably the two best classes I took throughout all five years of my college career, and I had classes spanning from horseback riding to "Japanese film and anime".

I wish I had the money to go back to school =[
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20 years of $210/month financial aid payments YAY.

...okay, so I'm not that excited about it. I am, however, glad I finally got all the loans consolidated. It's about time I did that, about a month before the grace period ends.

I have come to the realization that it's really not too hard to be both an adult and a kid at the same time. So sayeth the girl who went to work this morning, went to the bank and consolidated her loans, deposited her paychecks, and paid some bills and went to the post office and bought some stamps this afternoon, and who plans on spending the rest of the afternoon and evening playing video games and reading. Granted, I'm sure my opinion on this might change when I get married and have kids someday. But we'll get to that when we get to that, ne?

I went in search of eight-year-old Stephanie's journal and couldn't find it; I think it's probably packed away in a box somewhere. I did, however, find all my journals from eleven-years-old and onward. I want to post some of the excerpts a little at a time.

Twelve and a half years ago... )

By the way guys, thanks for all your comments in my last post. It's definitely okay if you read but don't comment as some of you said, I am horrendously guilty of doing that myself. XD I do read everything on my friends' page, I just forget to comment a lot. Thank you all of you guys for taking the time to read my little journal. <3
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I gave a talk in church today~! About friendship. Which I still claim I know very little about. But! I think I did pretty good, although I was quite nervous at first. I quickly settled into it though. Public speaking seems to be one of my strong points, I'm not exactly sure why, since I haven't done much of it and I was never into the whole "speech & debate" thing, but... I seem to be a decent public speaker. I think it catches people off-guard because I tend to be shy and quiet most of the time, but then I get in front of an audience and suddenly I'm bright and charistmatic. XD

Anyways, I'm doing pretty good. I'm still a little nervous about the house-sitting thing although I went and visited the people and they're super nice. Mostly I'm scared of their huge gigantic dogs. xP I like dogs (from a distance mostly) but the big ones always make me feel a little nervous up close. It's a silly thing but hey! They want me to start sometime this week, they aren't sure when yet... xP

School starts tomorrow for the rest of Montana State University. And I'm not going! It's an awkward feeling but I think I can occupy myself and deal with it.

In other school-related news, I just noticed today that I can still log into the "student-only" sections of the MSU website. It makes me wonder if either MSU is just slow to update their systems, or if I... should still be going to school for some reason x_x Probably the former, since I have my diploma and everything. I did, in fact, graduate! Still, I worry. That's Stephanie for ya!

Even if I'm not going to school, I'm sort of feeling like tomorrow begins a new era in my life. In a good way, though. And in a subtle way, because it's not like I'm going to wake up tomorrow and it will be any different from these past few months. But I want to put a new desktop wallpaper on my computer, maybe upload some new LJ icons, maybe rearrange my room a little... do some stuff that signifies change because that's what I'm in the mood for.

...I have been so durned contemplative lately! Not that it's a bad thing, but it's kinda funny. I guess I get thinky when I don't have a whole lot to do.
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I think I'm going through some sort of post-school depression. Well, maybe depression is a bit of an overstatement. Post-school awkwardness then.

Today has been overcast and windy and a bit drizzly, and gosh, getting a cup of hot chocolate and going upstairs in the MSU library and sitting at a desk by the window and studying something... anything... just sounds ridiculously appealing right now. Far more appealing than standing around at a store for eight hours doing busywork, that's for sure.

I went to Target today and they have all their back-to-school stuff out. I had this sudden urge to buy it all. xP I don't need it, but it's so... symbolic of something that I find myself missing.

It's odd, because I never really saw myself as a big school-person. I mean I liked school, and I was always grateful for my opportunity to go, but I never really considered myself enamored with it. I wonder if I'd be feeling this way if I was going back to school with everybody else in a couple weeks. Probably not. Interesting though.

So yeah, things have been weird for me recently. I'm doing okay I think. My family has sort of been tense and on-edge recently for some strange reason, so I sort of find it rubbing off onto me. I'm trying to maintain my sense of optimism and general cheeriness though. I've learned through the months that I can choose whether I'm going to have a good day or a bad day, and I want to choose to have good days from now on.

Sorry for filling up your friends' list with pseudo-philosophical rambles. XD
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And a couple more! Though the one I didn't put under a cut is definitely my favorite! )

And as if the last five years have finally caught up with me, I find myself quite exhausted. Okay, so it's probably because I haven't had much sleep these past couple of nights. But this is indeed a very odd feeling I'm having-- two parts tired and three parts out of it and four parts quite pleased.

It's done. At least for the time being.

On to life!
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Pictures either later today, or tomorrow.


I have the worst hat hair ever right now... er, mortarboard hair xP
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I just applied for a job at GameStop.

After my Japanese test bright and early at 8am this morning (which I think I did okay on... I'm sort of sad I won't be back for Advanced Composition or whatever it's called next year. My Japanese is all going to go to pot now), I went to Career Services and took a look at their offerings. They had a lot of interesting stuff that hadn't been in the paper, but it seemed to me that everything was either ridiculously part-time (12 hours a week! Woo!) or required some sort of specialized knowledge or the ability to travel frequently to obscure parts of the state. So, I left and headed to the mall because my mom showed me a website the other day that mentioned some places in the mall that were hiring.

I walked from one end of the mall to the other, somewhat surprised that so many shops there did indeed have "Help Wanted" signs out in front. I was somewhat tempted by Hallmark, with all its shiny knickknacks, but in the end it was GameStop that I was drawn to.

I went in and introduced myself to the manager, who promptly asked me why I wanted to work there. I wasn't expecting that right away and sort of stammered "er, I like video games a lot." Then I regained my composure a little and mentioned that I had a lot of retail experience. She asked me what my availability was like and I said something to the effect of "as soon as I graduate college tomorrow I am... REALLY AVAILABLE!" XD Oh gosh I think I sounded like a huge dork.

I filled out an application and gave it to her, and she told me to come back on Monday at 2:00 for an interview.

So, that'll be interesting. I'm feeling pretty confident that I'll get the job, unless there are a whole bunch of people applying... she seemed to be happy with my open availability, and I'm hoping she'll be impressed with the fact that I've worked retail before and the way I ran out of space on the application where it asked for your "video game experience". I'm thinking it'll be an okay place to work, hopefully... the mall's hours are pretty nice, closing at 9:00 every night and even earlier on weekends, and it seems to me that a place like a store in the mall would have a decently relaxed atmosphere most of the time. So we'll see how that goes!

Graduation rehearsal and Tracy Awards tonight, graduation tomorrow. And I just took my very last test... possibly ever. This is all immensely surreal!

Edit: I just got my grade and evaluation for my senior film. Final Grade: B. *exhales* *very pleased*


May. 4th, 2007 06:37 pm
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I think this goes on record as being one of the most stressful days I've had in recent memory.

It started out with our Japanese skit. I was all prepared and had all my lines memorized and I was ready to go and then I got up there and, just as I was afraid of, I completely forgot everything. I had to look at my notecards a couple of times, and then I got all flustered and started messing up my lines... I said something cost san-en instead of sen-en. *head-desk* No wonder Hara-Sensei was giggling at me. At least that's over. A lot of the skits were absolutely hilarious, by the way. We're talking spoofs of Final Fantasy, Mario, various anime, and Pokemon. I think I hurt myself laughing at Mosa-chan (Sensei calls him -chan, it's funny cause he's so tall) curling up into a ball inside his sweatshirt and singing the Jigglypuff song.

Anyway, then I went home for a bit and then returned to school at 4:45 so I could show the senior film I produced to basically the entire MTA faculty at 5:00. Except they were running about 45 minutes behind. So for an hour, me and Stef (the writer/director) sat around and freaked out over the realization that this was the culmination of the past five years of school and that graduation was dependent on this and the whole nine yards.

Finally after what felt like hours of waiting, we headed into VCB 182 along with our editor and sat down and watched our film.

And... the verdict was rather mixed. Mostly we just got a lot of "Well, that was... interesting" and a lot of "That was very... uneven." Which, going into detail, meant that they felt that there were parts of our movie that really soared, and parts that really didn't work too well at all. And I could have told you that, I mean I sort of knew that's how our film was like. But it was weird to be hearing it from like ten faculty members. Also, I still think that since a lot of the film consists of video-game-related in-jokes, it's hard to "get" it if you haven't played at least a few video games. And I really can't imagine the teachers playing video games. I can see Metz playing some games, maybe. And accusing Mario of being communist propaganda or something.

But yeah, that was that. I think I passed? XD

Hopefully the complete film will be on YouTube sometime soon.

Today was my last day of classes ever, I have a Japanese test bright and early next Friday morning and then I'm done. Surreal.

It's taken me about an hour to write this entry because I keep getting distracted, so... *post*

P.S. Yesterday as part of the final Japanese project, I wrote an essay about Linux. In Japanese. ...I think my geek cred has just gone up by some five hundred points.
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One of these days I'm going to learn to go and do stuff other than just sit at my computer all day. Until then, I suppose I managed to do a pretty good job today of memorizing my Japanese skit and playing Desktop Tower Defense at the same time. I impress myself sometimes! ...well okay, not so much. Oh and yes, I'm super glad that our Japanese skit this time around is actually, you know, normal. It's also kind of boring, but hey, it's easier to memorize that way. Plus, no dinosaur/volcano/half-naked-guy means no look of sheer horror on Hara-Sensei's face.

I still have so much other stuff to do as well~!

So I had this thought the other day. It went like this: Maybe, a couple days after I graduate, I should hop on a plane and go spend a week with a Nick! You know, while I'm still unemployed! But the voice of reason in me thinks it would be better to save the money I'd be spending on a plane ticket and use that to pay off some of the loans I still have floating around and stuff like that because the more money I save now, the sooner I'll get to move to be with Nick FORPERMANENTLYS. So, I don't know. Chances are I still might do something crazy, since I've been known to do that before.

I promised I would do this meme: )
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Aspen wanted one of my patented portraits! )

I can't believe this is my last week of classes... well, ever. Unless I go back to school, which is still a possibility. But not for a while yet. And I have tons of stuff to do this week *flails about*

Are any of you on my friends' list good with cars? Because mine is doing that thing (again) where it refuses to start unless I pound on the battery with a hammer a few times. Safe? Probably not. Effective? Yes. But irritating.

Food now, followed by homework.

Also I will stop spamming your friends' list now.
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I'm feeling the urge to update my LJ probably mostly as an effort to procrastinate as much as I possibly can until I absolutely have to do my Japanese homework. You know, the stuff I haven't started yet, which is due tomorrow morning, and which I've let pile up all week. Looks like I won't be doing much this evening, except spending lots of quality time with my trusty dictionary and "Kanji & Kana" book. xP

I'm down to about three weeks left before I'm out of school for good. It's frightening.

Also frightening is this moving thing. I don't know how I'm going to have the finances for it, for starters. But secondly, and perhaps even more worrying for me right now... the whole idea of it scares me. You'd think I'd be happy to finally be moving to be with my long-distance boyfriend of the last two-and-a-half years, right? You'd think I'd be happy to finally be going to start "life", right? But I feel like I don't want to. I feel like I just want to stay here where I'm comfy and... I dunno.

I'm not sure if this is normal or not, or if this is a sign that I'm not ready for any of this yet. I'm not really sure what to do. I often think I'm not ready to do this yet, but I also often think that if I don't do this soon, not only will I be disappointing Nick, but I'll just end up... never getting around to doing it. Cause I'm one of those not-very-motivated types.


Advice? Thoughts? Encouragement? Anything at all to point me in the right direction? =P I feel quite lost.
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Here are a few random items of business and the like.

We got dumped on by about a foot of snow yesterday. It was surprising and somewhat enjoyable, especially considering how it's been like 70-degrees this past week and then suddenly winter came back from out of nowhere. The snow was a nice change of pace and it didn't last too long (just one day) and I liked it.

The SUB renovation (our Student Union Building, for you non-MSU-types, is being entirely redone) is sort of weirding me out. That building has played a huge part of my life for the past five years, and now part of it is closed off and they're shutting the rest of it down, piece by piece, as the days go by... I guess Avogadro's Number is either closing very soon or has closed (I haven't checked); I ate countless good sandwiches there. It's just weird to me that the last I'll see of this building is, well... like this. I think it's because its lifespan is coming to a close just as my time at university is coming to a close, so it heightens the reality of it all and makes everything more tangible to me. Or, I could just be reading way too much into stuff again. I tend to do that.

I think I have pinkeye or something. This morning when I woke up I noticed my left eye was kind of itchy. So I rubbed it a bit. Cue three hours of searing pain and blurry vision. Finally most of the severe pain went away but it sort of turned into a dull ache/itch that has persisted throughout the day. On top of that, the corners look pretty red and inflamed and there's... gooey stuff... that seems to be seeping from the edge of my eye. I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to do that. So tomorrow morning I'm heading to the doctor to get it checked out and hopefully taken care of.

Hmm, what else. Oh, I'm re-reading "Watership Down", which is still one of my favorite books ever. And if you haven't read it, you're missing out.

Lastly, I know I promised pictures of various things, but I got the film developed and about 75% of the pictures didn't turn out at all. This was some of the film that went with me on the airplane when visiting Nick, so I'm thinking it must have been destroyed by the X-ray machine. SO! I'll take more pictures and develop them as soon as I can. I do have some pictures of the Kimberly Akimbo set (fortunately), but I won't be posting those now because there are quite a few of them and they deserve their own post.

I think that's all for now. Ja mata~!

P.S. NOTE TO SELF: Do taxes sometime BEFORE 10pm on April 14th this year. Kay? Kay.
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I guess I should update since I haven't done that in like... a week? xP

Not much has been going on though. I think I may have finally gotten over my sickness, two weeks after I got it! Whee. Oh, we finished filming the senior film... or at least, we're like 99% finished, or something. We didn't have a sound guy this last time, so I got to operate the DAT and hold the boom pole. At first this sort of scared me and I didn't want to do it, but I have to admit that it wound up being fun and I enjoyed it a lot. Almost to the point where if I do end up going into film, I hope they sign me up to be the sound person. (By the way, I've talked with the director and we want to put this thing up on YouTube when we're finished with it. So you'll all get to see it! I have a cameo in the beginning, so you'll even get to see me! XD)

My parents are getting a puppy tomorrow, much to the ecstasy of my four younger sisters. Apparently they've forgotten about how we already have two cats, twenty goldfish, two tortoises, four guinea pigs, a pet bird and several chickens, and also forgotten about how the last two times we've had a dog have ended in disaster. But, they're off tomorrow to pick up a purebred Shih Tzu puppy. I guess it'll be interesting. I bet the novelty of a puppy will wear off within a week or two (as far as my sisters are concerned) and then maybe I'll get to take it for a walk sometimes... that might be kind of fun. ^_^

The results are in: my iPod battery goes from fully charged to dead in a whopping 45 minutes. I suppose it's time for a new iPod mp3 player, when I have the money for one. *mourns the loss of Chiyo the iPod Mini*

I think that's about all for now... time for me to go to school. I know I really haven't been at LJ much recently but I really haven't been spending a lot of time at the computer... I've been doing *gasp* other stuff. And I think that's a good thing.

EDIT: *writing this from school* So at MSU this week they've got these big wooden signs all over campus that ask questions like "WHY ARE WE AT WAR?" and leave a bunch of space for people to write their own questions/comments/opinions. Anyway one of the signs I saw said something like "3200 SOLIDERS DEAD!" and underneath that somebody had written "OMG QQ" in big letters and I about died laughing. Yes, I know I am a terrible person.


Mar. 8th, 2007 03:22 pm
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So I seem to have some sort of evil cold/flu/insert-other-ailment-here. Actually it struck yesterday; a sore throat and a bit of a cough and then the whole losing-my-voice thing. It was still pretty bad this morning, so I had to miss school, but it seems to be sort of fading away now... a little. (I am admittedly somewhat reluctant to say that I may be recovering, because my sisters, who as far as I can tell are all sick with the same thing, have not had a fun time and are going on like a week of complete misery here.)

Regardless of whether or not I'm recovering, I am going to school tomorrow. I have a Japanese test that I can't miss and we're also planning on showing a rough cut for our film in MTA 472.

Now for the good news though: Next week is Spring Break, which I had completely forgotten about until the day before yesterday when I suddenly thought "Oh hey wait... next week is Spring Break, huh?" Yeah, that cheered me up.

Oh, and I've gotten a letter from the school. Here's the gist of it: "Dear Stephanie: Congratulations, you're graduating! Have fun. Sincerely, MSU. P.S. There is a little thing in May called 'Commencement' that you may want to consider attending." So yeah, that really made me happy because up until now I wasn't sure if I was really graduating or not because I wasn't sure if I'd met all the credit requirements. OLD AP CREDITS TO THE RESCUE! I'm so glad I decided not to be a slacker when I was a senior in high school. XD

That's about all. I should really be studying for my nihongo no tesuto but I feel completely drained of energy and I don't know if I can do much else but lay in bed while I wait for my mom to come back from the store with a nice cold drink. So yeah.

Edit: I'm now considering going into computers when/if I go back to school. Cause I've come to a growing realization how much I like working on computers all of a sudden and how much I really truly enjoy helping newbies on Linux forums. I dunno, just something to think about.
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Tonight is the last night of our play. It's going to be very nice to have it finished and out of the way, but I am admittedly going to kind of miss it. I've learned so much about how theatre works behind-the-scenes and I've even overcome my fear of ladders... at least, of that particular set of ladders. XD (Seriously though, climbing up into the ceiling and tossing snow down has turned into my favorite part of the performance.) I'm so proud of the job we did; the actors were amazing and the set possibly even more so. Joel (the director) was telling us that this didn't look like a "student-designed play", which is what it really was, and the newspaper's review agreed. It's going to be so weird when we have to strike the set tonight.

As for the film-- we're about 90% shot. Shayna, our lead actress, got sick so we weren't able to finish right away. We also lost some footage (not too much, fortunately) due to a mistake, and it's also looking like we're going to reshoot some stuff that wasn't done as well as we'd like. That's all going to come later, though, for now we just want to get a rough cut set up before Spring Break.

It's really weirding me out that I have like two months left of school and then I'm done. Period. Although I feel like I'm under a lot of pressure from my parents right now to either go to grad school or get a second degree, but at this point I really just think I need to get a job and sort out my life first-- figure out where I'm headed, what I want to do, that kind of thing. I do see going-back-to-school as a possibility but not right away. I'm buried under mountains of student loans anyway... I mostly just need to get a job I think. xP

Heads Up.

Feb. 23rd, 2007 11:58 pm
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So there's a Joyce & Walky comic where the character Walky is talking about why he never got good grades in school. He says "I didn't want to be smart. I rejected it. Being smart was dumb. I preferred to be happy. Give me cartoons over pondering my morality any day." That comic is the story of my life. Seriously, it's so me. Poor Nick. He's like the most intellectual kid on the planet and he's stuck with a girlfriend whose sole philosophy is "Screw intellectualism, let's play Pokemon!"

Anyways there are a lot of things I need/want to write about, including a deeper look at the above statement as well as an entry on our play "Kimberly Akimbo", among other things. But, those will come later! For now I just wanted to let everyone know that tomorrow begins the Weekend of Doom™ that has been hanging over my head since the beginning of the semester. Essentially I'm going to be off shooting the senior film from sometime in the afternoon tomorrow to 2 or 3 in the morning, or later... oh, and I'll be breaking in the middle to go do the play. Then, I do the same thing on Sunday (minus the play, but I'll still be gone just as long) and then I'm skipping class on Monday to finish stuff up. So yeah!

I think I'm going to skip class on Tuesday as well, even though I don't have anything planned that day (yet). I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a day to sleep and to do the Japanese homework that there is no way I'll be able to do over the weekend.

Computer Rambles, cut for the sanity of non-compy-geeks )

This is the other story of my life, to go with the webcomic-related story of my life at the beginning of this post. Ironic that I love absorbing information but I don't like thinking. Eheh.

This entry was supposed to be like two paragraphs long and it got huge, so I'll be leaving now!
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Random subject titles 4tw.

So for the opening scene of "Kimberly Akimbo" (Joel's play, for which I am "Properties Master"... we open this Thursday, by the way!) we need to create the illusion that it's snowing. So guess who gets to climb up three rather tall and scary sets of ladders and then crawl into some space in the ceiling and toss fake snow down onto the stage?

...yeah. I'm not amused. It scared me so bad when Joel had me try it yesterday that I gave myself a stomachache. See, I was never really afraid of heights, per se... so once I get up there it's actually kind of fun... but I am deathly afraid of ladders for some reason, especially tall ones that look fantastically unstable. On the other hand, because I get to do this for each of our six performances as well as all of the upcoming runthroughs and dress rehearsals, maybe it will help me to get over my fear a bit. (Maybe). (No guarantees).

I am conducting a scientific experiment to see how long my iPod goes before the batteries die. So far so good, but I'm only 15 minutes into it.

Oh, and finally, this is something that I witnessed the other day on one of my many trips to campus. As I think it would be sort of hard to explain, I have drawn a picture:

Click )

...well, it amused me. But then, I am easily amused.
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I actually made a journal entry earlier today but then I was looking over it and decided it was kind of rambly and I didn't like it, so I made it private. =P

So I'm writing a new one, essentially to say that I'm going to be gone most of the next two weeks. Basically, it's tech-time for Joel's play which then leads directly into dress rehearsals and opening night. And I don't know if I mentioned this or not, but I'm not just bringing in the props for the play... I'm also going to be there every night dressed in black moving stuff around between scenes. xP So yeah, I have lots of full-rehearsal-days and such coming up.... not to mention the film shoot, which is going to involve a few all-nighters. On Saturday the 24th I run straight from Joel's play to an overnight shoot. Ah, show business.

So yeah, just to let you all know!

Oh, and LJ now offers Foxkeh journal layouts. (Foxkeh being Japan's uber-cute mascot for the Firefox browser).


LJ has fulfilled all my hopes and dreams.

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