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So in case you're one of the two people who still follows me here and not at Twitter/Facebook, I did in fact win my fourth straight NaNoWriMo. Pretty happy with the result thus far, too. The story isn't finished yet so I'm still plugging along.

I ordered parts for a new computer a few days ago and they should be arriving at some point today or tomorrow. I think I am going to go crazy refreshing the FedEx tracking page.
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Non-work things I did today included:

  • Another day, another... scouring the job sites. Still nothing. Trying to be optimistic. (Keyword: trying)

  • Continued reading through my novel for the ten millionth time. I'm getting really close to the end so I can begin earnest work on this latest edit. I still really like [insert zomg gigantic spoiler scene here] at the end. Probably one of the better things I've written. That and the prologue. The rest of the book I still waffle on. For the most part I've convinced myself that it's really not that special and/or great. Oh well.

  • I uh, sent a query letter off to an agent. I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF SHE SPECIFICALLY SAID SHE WANTED "STEAMPUNK WITH GOOD WORLD BUILDING". I have no idea if my world building is good but at least it's unique? Then I went to her website and she had this statistic like "of all the query letters I get I only ask for partials on 4% of them and then I only ask for full manuscripts on 17% of those 4%" or something so I'm not getting my hopes up. Sometimes I wonder if I have a slightly better chance because I imagine a lot of queries are from people who don't know what they're doing. Then I remember that I don't know what I'm doing either. ._.

  • I am refreshing the UPS web page roughly once an hour to see where my watch is, because they have super detailed, exact-to-the-minute upadates on it. Apparently it's not going to be here until June 1, though. Mark my words, I shall die waiting.

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