Jul. 7th, 2011 11:06 pm
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So at work today, I was struck with a MASSIVE lightning bolt of inspiration regarding some extra content to add to "Windshifter" in order to tie things up.

The Final Edit begins on Saturday. And by Final Edit I mean Final Edit #6 or 7.


/terrible joke
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Well! It's now officially closer to NaNo 2011 than NaNo 2010, so it's time to gather up some ideas for what I'll be writing about this year! ...of course, what will probably happen is that I'll come up with OMG THE BEST IDEA EVER on October 30 or 31 and scrap all of this, but I can at least pretend to be prepared, right?


  • Windshifter Sequel: Exactly what it says on the tin.  My main concern is that I have no story idea for this, and I don't want to revisit a world that I love without having a solid plot idea.
  • Re-telling of the "Pygmalion" myth, but with robots:  And a girl who builds a robot.  The girl dies tragically at the end and is reborn as a robot.  THIS IS HOW IT MUST GO.
  • Re-telling of Adam and Eve, but with robots: Also, Eve is portrayed as the good guy, which is the twist.  I was going to do this last year, but got sidetracked by Cricket Song.
  • A "place" as a "character".  Recently I've had this really strong urge to write a story where the setting is just as much of a character as the characters themselves.  A story where the city/town/location is alive with character and flavor.  I sort of played around with this a little with Faradan City in Windshifter, and to a lesser extent with unofficially dedicating Cricket Song to northwestern Washington, but I think I could do a whole lot more.
  • Anthropomorphic Timepieces.  It's the distant future, all humans are (supposedly) dead, robots are building robots, and one lone clockwork-powered creature who used to be a watch wants to find his original creator.  But when/if this happens, will this really provide the solid answer he was looking for, or will it only open up even MORE questions?  The very astute reader will spot the pretentious analogy I'm making here; everyone else will just smile and nod at yet another genre-defying, unmarketable offering by Pike.  IT'S LIKE I'M REALLY WRITING NOVELS.
So yup.  That's the list so far.  I'm sure it will continue to expand as we sneak closer to November...


May. 1st, 2011 09:16 am
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Yeah I failed Script Frenzy. It doesn't bother me. Scriptwriting is one of the very, very few things I'll claim to having some sort of modicum of talent in and I know full well I could've written a script in a month if I'd had the motivation. I just... didn't! NaNoWriMo is the more important thing for me personally, anyway.

Speaking of which, I'm tired of being poor, so I've decided it's time to drag Cricket Song out of the proverbial cellar and force myself to look at it and edit it and then force myself to throw it at agents. Also I need to decide if I should make the main character about five years younger. (Have I mentioned that I apparently tend to overshoot characters' ages when I write? I think it's because I was am such a sperg that it was completely normal for me to act like I was, I dunno, 14 or 15 when I was 20, so I make my characters do the same. And then I don't realize it until people point it out to me. Apparently not everyone spent their early 20s curled up in bed, playing Game Boy, watching cartoons, and avoiding human contact!)

Aaaanyways, starting that up may or may not happen today, seeing as I'm exhausted thanks to sunlight pouring in through my window and waking me up at 6am for like the fourth or fifth day in a row. So we shall see!
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Theoretical Answer: I'm from Montana, where "snow days" are a fictional construct-- something you see in movies-- and school doesn't shut down unless the buses stop running (which is roughly 40 below zero). And even then, most of us are still willing to pile on the clothes and truck it out there.

There were days that I went to school where the snot in my nose would freeze and I'd have to stand inside for several minutes in order to... un-stick my nose. Not even kidding. (Sounds fun, huh?)

Actual Answer: I'm a wuss and if it's below ~65 degrees Fahrenheit I need a sweater and my electric blanket.


Feb. 24th, 2011 10:45 pm
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>Drive the 40-min drive to work
>"Oh didn't you get our message? We're closing the store early due to the snow*! You didn't actually have to come in!"
>Turn around and drive back
>My face**

Sooo nothing much else is up with me! I'm finally getting over this nasty illness, so that's a plus. I'm still totally uninspired to write. That's a minus. CIVILI-FREAKING-ZATION IV and being able to collect all my historical boyfriends! That's a plus. Suddenly I randomly suck at it! That's a minus.

I'm having issues adjusting to being single. And yes, I know that was so a couple of months ago. But the two of us were together FOR SO LOOOONG that it still feels so weird. Not gonna lie, there's a part of me that enjoys being single, but then I'll get all lonely and bawww and I turn into an emotional wreck. It gets worse when I remember that I'm 27 and have screwed up most of my 20's.

...other than those occasional moments of panic, I'm doing okay, I guess.


* They got about six inches in the town where I work. Apparently in Washington State if you get six inches of snow you SHUT. DOWN. EVERYTHING.

** I will greentext on my LJ and no one can stop me~
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Orientation at work went well. Three hours of filling out paperwork and getting toured around the store. I found out that apparently this mall is a "high theft area" and as such it is highly recommended that you not keep a single thing in your car. Welcome to Not-Montana, I guess.

I'm back on Monday for actual on-the-job training, so I'm pretty excited about that. I was introduced to a lot of store associates and everyone seems really nice.

I keep taking massive detours when I go in and out of the store so I can walk by the watch repair shop. It's kind of ridiculous, actually. I can only imagine what they're thinking in there.

- "Hey uh, what's up with that girl who keeps going back and forth and slows down and drools while pretending to remain nonchalant every time she does so?"
- "No idea, but let's lock everything up super tight tonight, just in case." *click click*

Pike, the Poor Obsessed Soul.
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Day 12 – What’s in your bag, in great detail

I don't have a bag, I have a wallet. It has my checkbook in it as well as a ton of cards of various sorts, including a miniature Periodic Table of the Elements. Also: waaaaaaaaay more change than I need. And a ton of receipts which I haven't thrown out yet. I dunno why.

Day 13 – This week, in great detail

My wireless card broke. I attempted to get a USB version installed on Linux, but failed miserably even after messing around for three days. Probably the most maddening part of it all was that I knew what I was doing and knew what the issue was but still couldn't fix it. I was SO CLOSE though. Anyways, ordered a carbon copy of my old wireless card off of Amazon. Installed it and it worked on the first try.

Other than that: drew a little bit, played a few video games, worked a lot. Nothing special, really.

Day 14 – What you wore today, in great detail

Orange striped shirt with Winnie the Pooh on it. Jeans. Glasses. Watch. Socks. Underwear. Black and white Converse style shoes when I ran to the store.

Day 15 – Your dreams, in great detail

Dreams I have while asleep: I suck at remembering them. Really, I do. Lately the ones that I have remembered invariably involve this creepy mall and I DON'T KNOW WHY. Movie theaters show up in my dreams a lot too. Again, I have no idea why.

Dreams as in "Life Ambitions": I don't think about "the future" very much. However, failing to do so has done nothing but screw me over, so I'm making an attempt to think about "the future" more often. At this point my only major goal, real goal, is to get my financial issues under control, enough to be able to go to back to school. That watch school would be nice but the more I think about it the more I'm not sure how viable it is so I may end up doing something else (I'm totally wishywashy huh?). I figure I'll probably end up having some books published at some point if only because I write so much that it's bound to happen. It'd be really nice if some book I ended up writing was picked up by an animation studio somewhere and that could get me in on movies *HINT HINT* but that probably won't happen.

Honestly though if I die having done nothing particularly important it wouldn't faze me very much. I just want to get out of debt right now.

Day 16 – Your first kiss, in great detail

Him: "We should kiss."
Me: "What? Why?"
Him: "Why not?"
Me: "Uhh, cause I've never done it before."
Him: "Well, me neither. Want to try?"
Me: "Okay"

... ... ...

Me: "OMG, wait, this is so weird. I am so bad at this. OMG. Can we stop for a bit? I need to rethink my strategy. This is so not how it's supposed to be done."

Yeah it wasn't really romantic so much as it involved me freaking out over the logistics and specifics of how it was supposed to be done. D= Go figure.

The list )
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I look away for two seconds, then turn back around and suddenly everybody is engaged. What the heck, people? I kind of hate being 26.

Ahem, enough of my tears.

For optimum results on the next story press play on the video now before you continue reading:

A prairie dog somehow managed to get itself into our store yesterday, and proceeded to run all over the place. Cue employees running around with various props (boxes, litter boxes, and, in my case, a bird net) as we make multiple nosedives after it and yell out helpful hints to each other like "I THINK IT WENT THIS WAY YOU GUYS" as customers stand around looking confused. (or, in the case of one customer, kick the prairie dog so that it flies through the air and lands some ways away before it takes off running again)

Someone finally succeeded in throwing a cardboard box over it and then we shoved it outside. Meanwhile the girl who was pushing it outside screamed as she tried to let it go, which caused another girl to scream and skewer the box with her broom handle. The prairie dog ran away into the parking lot, leaving behind a messy store and a box with a broom-handle-sized hole in it in its wake.

The end.

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"It's not surprising that Disney would revisit "Leagues." Ross has said his mandate is to make wide-appeal, pre-branded entertainment. And while plotlines are being kept submerged, the Fincher/Burns take on the material is described as being in the vein of "Star Wars" or "The Empire Strikes Back." It will aim to be visually dazzling."


First Thought: "OMG, they're going to ruin it. I know it. They're going to want to show off their computer effects and they're going to put in huge dramatic effects-laden fights involving mechanical kraken."

Second Thought: "...ok, they can keep the mechanical kraken. So long as they do it RIGHT."

Third Thought: "..."Right", in this case, is defined as kraken that are powered similarly to the Nautilus. I.E. sodium collected from seawater and used to make a reverse battery."

Fourth Thought: "...presumably that would mean Captain Nemo is the guy who made the mechanical kraken."

Fifth Thought: "And the plot thickens!"

Sixth Thought: "I MUST MAKE THIS MOVIE."
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Guys I was going through old junk and I found this thing I wrote like eight years ago. I seriously can't stop laughing. WHY AM I NOT THIS FUNNY ANYMORE.

(Note: "Redwall" related humor. The non-initiated probably won't find it nearly as funny.)

Seriously you guys this is good stuff )
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Dear Printer,

Contrary to popular belief, you are not out of paper. Nor do you have a paper jam.

Love, Pike

P.S. Spitting blank pieces of paper out at me in protest is not going to get you un-grounded!



There. See? That wasn't so hard to do now, was it?

Now now, you're just saying that. That just means you actually love me.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

1.) DON'T FORGET TO _____
2.) ZOMG Sherlock Holmes/Star Trek/Iron Man/robots/FFTA/curling/my new clock/Pike's fangirl-du-jour
3.) I should add this to my book
4.) ...what was I going to add to my book again?




Mar. 4th, 2010 10:10 pm
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So I decided today was "Bring Your Fictional Character to Work" day and spent a lot of time at work reeeeeeally trying to rough out more of my book's characters, because I felt that too many of them were too... shallow, I suppose. I'd pick a character and toss a lot of seemingly insignificant questions at it and come up with answers to try to work out backstory.

It was... actually pretty darn effective. I got some ideas that I wasn't expecting. So, now Sparktender is no longer the only major character who is toting around a crapton of emotional baggage.

This will be fun to write.

*no one cares*

*posted this entry primarily because she thought "Bring Your Fictional Character to Work Day" was clever*


Feb. 15th, 2010 07:01 pm
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In Elementary/Middle School, I took German classes.

In high school, I took Spanish classes.

In college, I took Japanese classes.

The German sticks in my brain because it's the first foreign language I "learned", the Spanish sticks in my brain because it's easy and "sticky" like that, and the Japanese just sort of pops up at random.

The result is that asking me to count to ten in [German/Spanish/Japanese] leads to a hilariously jumbled mess of numbers pilfered from three different languages.

Also, apparently "Dónde e ikimashita ka" spoken in a German accent is just confusing.

Hey, I get points for trying at least, right?


Jan. 18th, 2010 09:12 pm
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H.G. Wells wrote a book called "Island of Doctor Moreau" about this mad scientist who takes animals and turns them into creepy animal-man-things.

There is totally a vet named Doctor Moreau at my PetSmart.

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So, wait, the world has to end on the day BEFORE my birthday?




Dec. 1st, 2009 02:38 pm
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I came up with an awesome idea at work today. It's called "Gerbil Jenga".

...what, do you really think it needs any more explanation than that?

In other news, I caved and got a DeviantArt. I had one a long time ago but I didn't like the name and never used it. But I've been drawing and sketching a lot these days and now I figure I'll have a place to dump my stuff that isn't Twitter and/or LJ. (And don't worry, if you don't have a dA/don't want to follow mine, I'll still probably spam my "better" stuff on Twitter/LJ...)

But yeah, have fun:
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(Actually, he's pretty good about handling my little obsessions, but you know.)

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