Sep. 16th, 2012 07:11 pm
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Huxley just spent like... three hours with me in Ahn'Qiraj so he could help me tame raid bosses and stuff.

He is my favorite boy! :D
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I resubbed to WoW. I know I haven't played it in forever but I wanted to try out transmog and the other new stuff they've added since I last played. I transmogged Tawyn into her Karazhan gear so now she looks like this icon... just the way I have always remembered her. :) It makes playing that much more fun, which sounds silly, but it's true!

I have no idea if I'm sticking around or not. Probably long enough to see the new patch hit at least. I don't see myself going back to raiding or anything in the foreseeable future but who knows.

Now I have to pick a character to levelboost to 80 since I get that for free, apparently.

The End

Feb. 23rd, 2010 09:29 pm
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Aaaand logged off. Account expires at some point tomorrow. Probably when I'm at work.

...my mom is already offering to pay for my subscription >_> But I have to take some time off. I have to focus on my book and on money and other stuff and yeah.

Next stop, dealing with the blog and everything.


...at least the U.S. is actually winning a curling match for once, eh? :D ?

Edit: So I went back to the TV and the U.S. is mysteriously down by like three points. I give up. I'm rooting for Canada.
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Doesn't really make sense unless you play World of Warcraft, but maybe you'll find the super-quicky-drawings cute anyway?

Basically a rant about being a "Raiding Beast Master Hunter With a Raptor" in a world of "Raiding Marksmanship/Survival Hunters With Wolves".

And an excuse to draw cute things.

Next stop on the slideshow bus: storyboarding Sparktender's Major Spoiler Scene ^_^ ^_^ (or a "stylized", music-video version of it, anyway.)


Sep. 21st, 2009 06:42 pm
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(This post potentially contains WoW jargon etc., feel free to skip. Also I'm sick and emotional, so take this all with a giant grain of salt. xD)

I can never decide if I want to keep playing WoW or not. My feelings on it just bounce back and forth between gigantic extremes every day. Either I love the game to death, or am bored and frustrated with it.

Probably woulda just called it quits by now except I really like blogging about it :|

Moooost of my closer WoW friends have canceled their accounts or are talking about doing so in the near future. The general consensus among us is that a.) Karazhan was the coolest thing we ever did as a group and we are never gonna top it, plus b.) a bunch of us just seem to be tired of WoW, and thus c.) we should all move on to a new game. Star Wars: The Old Republic seems to be the top contender for "New Group Game" although it won't be out for a while.

I dunno, it's just that... Nick is done with WoW, Espado is done with WoW, Morrie canceled her account and mostly just logs in now to say Hi or take screenshots until her playtime expires... Sid and Kaygan are both doing Ulduar10 hard modes with some guild that I don't know but they mostly just talk about how annoying it is, and how they don't think they are getting the expansion. And then there's me. Enjoying raiding as much as I can with a spec that sucks due to game mechanics beyond my control, and missing my friends in general.

Ironic that now is when I'm finally getting to see content.


Alts are still decently fun, and to be honest, World of Warcraft is a great game. It is in my blood at this point, it feels like. But I dunno. I can't tell anymore if I am playing because I like it, or playing because of the blog.

So many people are counting on me to be the new BRK... streeeesssss... aaaaaaugh I hate having the flu, it turns me into a big emotional mess.

P.S. To clarify, all the enthusiasm that is on Aspect of the Hare, is genuine enthusiasm. I am bipolar about this game, it would appear, and I write blog posts when I'm on "highs" as opposed to on "lows". x_x
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According to everybody in Trade Chat in World of Warcraft right now...yes, the zombie invasion world event is horrible and awful and interrupting rep grinds and questing and being turned into a zombie is suffering-to-the-max and people are quitting the game.


Note: I mean no disrespect to any of you WoW players on my friends list who dislike the zombie event. In many ways, I can understand where you're coming from. But honestly I was always the psycho who wanted to log in one day and find out that Ironforge or Stormwind had been completely obliterated and we'd have to deal with it. This is probably the closest we're gonna get and it's super fantastic and exciting and I <3 it. I mean come on, "Zombies killed my quest giver"? Re-read that sentence and tell me that's not awesome.

In other news, my site is still down *grumbles*
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I'm in ur friends page, posting big screenshots )
And on a PvP server. CARE BEAR NO MORE.

...k, move along. I'll post something more normal later.

La de da!

Sep. 13th, 2008 12:54 am
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So other than the fact that I managed to injure myself in more ways than I knew were possible in one day... today was pretty good, work went by fast because it consisted almost entirely of projects that were lengthy and did not involve dealing with customers, and it was overall just a good day at work.

I also wound up in the World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King beta test. This made me happy, not so much because I feel cool for being in Beta or because I get to test out all the new stuff, but because, well...

Because it's my pet and I against the unknown.

That's what made me fall in love with this silly game in the first place. It just made me giddy and put me on a geek high for the rest of the day. I don't even anticipate playing Beta much because I have a lot left to do in the current game, but knowing that such a big adventure is coming is simply delightful.

Oh, and congrats to two of the most awesomest people on LJ for getting to meet each other in person today =3 You know who you are!


Sep. 2nd, 2008 01:04 am
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Social video games such as MMORPGs are a very interesting phenomenon. You get together with a group of people and you become friends with them. Comrades in arms. You take on challenges together and you have failures and you have successes. Then people start fading away and it's a hard thing to deal with.

...yeah I left my guild, in WoW. And when I say my guild, I mean it. Nick and I co-ran that thing from its conception right up until... a few weeks ago. We were a tight-knit family, and I mean that.

But times change and recently when I've logged on I'd open up the guild pane and recognize nobody. Not a soul.

So yeah. The people who I was close to, I can still maintain contact with, you don't need a guild tag for that.

But dang if it doesn't feel really, really weird.

Yes, I'm a nerd. We've gone over this, correct? =P


Jun. 7th, 2008 07:01 pm
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So, guys... honest opinions here...

Some six months or so ago I got some exposure for my cute-custom-World of Warcraft avatars, such as these which I made for my Ally hunter and Hordie hunter respectively:

Each is hand-drawn with the mouse-- yes, the mouse-- in GIMP.

I also made one for Nick, and one for BigRedKitty which can be seen on his "signature" page. I also have one in queue for another blogger, but other than that, those are all I have made.

But several months ago I started kicking around the idea of offering them for commission-- say $20 for me to draw a cute avatar of your Warcraft character, since each one takes me a couple hours to do-- and I got a decent amount of interest in it, but then I canned the idea because I wasn't sure on the legality of it all.

Now I think, my readership has probably tripled or quadrupled since then, and I see people selling WoW-based art commissions all the time, and, well... if I were to start selling commissions of custom avatars like that... do you think it would take off? Do you think I could cut down my Petsmart hours to maybe 25 or 30 hours a week? Because that would take a lot of stress off of me especially because it would take a couple hours to make an avatar; and also, to be honest, and this is gonna sound weird, but I do need WoW time too, since ya know, it fuels my blogging and writing >.>

I was just saying a couple days ago I don't feel cut out for a non-creative job. Do you think something like this, something creative and fun, is a good opportunity?

My mom thinks so, but ya know, I'd like outside opinions too. =P

What do you guys think? Pros and cons?
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So yeah remember a few days back when I mentioned my World of Warcraft blog?

Okay so this morning I found out that I had been added to the sidebar blogroll list of one BigRedKitty, aka hunter guru, WoW Insider columnist, guy who basically invented Burning Crusade end-game huntering, and quite easily the most well known name in the WoW blog-o-verse.
This is the guy who first boldly threw 41 points in Beast Mastery while everybody else was sure Marksman/Survival was still the answer. He wrote about this all in his blog, and he was scoffed at and mercilessly made fun of until as the months went by people realized that he was right and today you'd be hard pressed to find an end-game hunter that is not using his spec. He's been my hero basically since I was knee-high to a murloc. He has like 500 blogs linking to him; he himself only links to about 20 (most of which are his guildies) and I am now one of them.

So then while I was still trying to breathe, he freakin' instant messaged me.

The conversation went something like this (paraphrased):

BRK: "Hey, grats on Legacy! Oh and I've added you to my blogroll if you haven't noticed. Sorry it took so long."
Me: [general hero worship]
BRK: "I only link to blogs with really good and very well-written content. And you are good. Anyways, I'll letcha go. Bye!"
Me: [incoherent babblings]

Also I was treated to Chinese Food at work.

Epic day much?
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Yesterday, I requested to have all of next week off. The schedule for next week has yet to be made so I don't know if it's gonna happen or not. Petsmart is really a lot more "casual" than say, Target, where you'd submit this form and need it approved and etc. etc. to get some time off. With Petsmart you just sort of write in a calendar which days you'd like off and if it works out, it works out. So yeah, I'm really hoping that's going to happen because I could use a nice long week of break. If it doesn't happen, I'll try again in another couple weeks.

Anyways, here is the point of this post. I "outed" myself at my guild forums, so I'll do it here too. XD I have a blog about playing the hunter class in World of Warcraft that... has developed quite a following. I average about 180 unique hits a day and as of the time of writing I have... 231 people subscribing to my feed. A couple dozen people have made level one alts on my server, Silver Hand, just to say hi to me. I have been linked to on the WoW Forums, I have been Dugg, I have been put onto StumbleUpon, and linked to on a blog written by the developers of Asheron's Call and Everquest II (as an example of somebody who enjoys writing about their video gaming experiences).

People have left me comments and e-mail telling me that I have made the hunter class enjoyable for them again, or taught them how to play it, or that they link "huntards" to me so they can improve, or my personal favorite-- that they have actually installed Linux and use it as their main operating system because of me.

It's really weird knowing that, in a way, I am sort of an "interwebs celebrity" now. I originally started the blog last year as an outlet for my WoW rambles so you LJ friends' list people wouldn't have to be inundated with them all the time (yeah, you still are, sorry XD) and now it's really taken on a life of its own and all of a sudden I'm one of the more well-known players in this expansive "WoW Blogging Community" and people utter my name in the same breath that they do those of blogs several times more established than my own, ones that inspired me in the first place. Who would've guessed that Mania of Petopia would have me in her "Favorite Blogs" list and that the ultimate hunter guru, one Big Red Kitty, would "commission" me to draw his portrait, chibi-style.

Newfound e-Celebrity status aside, I am still the same old Stephanie who simply enjoys writing about video games the way she always did. Only time will tell if more will come of this.

(P.S.: If you ever feel like starting your own video game blog, lemme know and I'll link you. Because... I now wield this new power where links I post get tons of clicks. XD)
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I'm really getting into this making-WoW-movies thing. For example, I made a tutorial on how to chain-trap as a hunter, complete with my cute dorky voice.

But bar none, this is the best WoW movie I've ever made. Presenting: The < Entelechy > Blooper Reel:

0:00: Nick's felpuppy goes crazy and decides to pull by itself
0:13: One of approximately 3458691235 wipes on Curator
0:23: Somebody moved.
0:40: I think this was our first ever try on this guy XD
1:00: This is actually just in here cause it's cute and funny.
1:11: Whee I'm safe now *gets up from Feign Death* ...oh snap.

I crack myself up when I watch this. XD Just thought I would share for like the two or three people on my friends' list who might similarly find it amusing. Or at least like the song. WAKA LAKA'S A NEVER ENDING STORY
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Don't click if you don't want to hear World of Warcraft geekery. Er... see it. Don't say I didn't warn you. )

I know I talk about video games too much. Honestly I've been keeping journals since I was eight years old and you can go all the way back and see that I've been talking mostly about video games basically my entire life. I even had heartfelt memorial entries dedicated to my first Pokemon after my file got erased. (I was like 15 years old. >.>) I know that video games get a bad rap a lot, but I don't regret the time I've spent playing them. They've done a lot to enrich my life and boost my morale. World of Warcraft alone has taught me far more about teamwork than a thousand teachers and motivational posters ever have. Thanks video games. <3
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Thanks largely to Daylight Savings Time, this is gonna be another one of those nights where I get absolutely no sleep.

...but it was worth it:

As filmed by yours truly.

Kek @ about 4:15 when you see us two poor hapless hunters trying desperately to pull green triangle into our traps. The offtank had him good >.>

After this we wiped on Maiden about nine million times and then people had to leave so we'll come back later.

I now return you to your regularly-scheduled, non-WoW-related programming. =D

(P.S. I topped DPS. But just barely. We had a good group. <3)
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I drew my World of Warcraft character.

(Sketchy and far from finished, but not bad considering I never draw anymore, right?)
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Today was kind of a blah day. Nothing really exciting happened, but nothing really bad happened either. It just sort of ends with me feeling rather unsatisfied with how it went. And writing about it so I can show off my new Pandaren user icon *points* =D Kung Pow Panda is unamused.

Hay Medivh, I'm in ur tower takin' ur lewts OR AT LEAST DOWNING YOUR TRASH MOBS. XD Because we haven't actually gotten a full raid group together or anything, we're just messing around. My guild is cute and we're waiting for more people to be ready and stuff. <3

In other news, ya know what's good? Apple slices and peanut butter. I had some for lunch today. I think I want some for lunch tomorrow. Good thing we have lots in the fridge =D

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