Sep. 16th, 2012 07:11 pm
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Huxley just spent like... three hours with me in Ahn'Qiraj so he could help me tame raid bosses and stuff.

He is my favorite boy! :D
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I resubbed to WoW. I know I haven't played it in forever but I wanted to try out transmog and the other new stuff they've added since I last played. I transmogged Tawyn into her Karazhan gear so now she looks like this icon... just the way I have always remembered her. :) It makes playing that much more fun, which sounds silly, but it's true!

I have no idea if I'm sticking around or not. Probably long enough to see the new patch hit at least. I don't see myself going back to raiding or anything in the foreseeable future but who knows.

Now I have to pick a character to levelboost to 80 since I get that for free, apparently.


Jan. 28th, 2011 11:30 pm
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I feel silly for not updating in a while when I've been griping about other people failing to update, SO here's an obligatory life update.

Work and money situation are pretty much the same old.

The "Possibility of Moving Back to Montana This Summer" Plan is still undecided and completely up in the air, I see a lot of pros and cons for both sides of it. I'll give myself another couple of months to come to a more conclusive decision.

I think a couple of my fish are on their way out; this sort of distresses me since I toted my fish all the way here from Bozeman and I was so proud of how well they survived the move and how they were one of my links to "Home", but on the other hand I know it's related either to old age (I've had all but one of these fish for about a year or so now) or in-tank bickering (which happens), so I don't feel too bad. Plus, all my other fish are still doing great.

In video game related news I'm playing Phoenix Wright (finally) and keeping DerpCars open in a tab most of the day.

I'm not sure what to make of WoW at this point in time. I firmly believe that Cataclysm was, by and large, a Good Expansion, but upon getting my main to 85 I just sort of lost interest. I've done the gear grind twice and the thought of doing it a third time is not appealing to me right now, and alts are only holding my interest for so long. But you know, having played it for this long, and with my blog pretty much already stagnant, the idea of "quitting" or "hiatusing" isn't as big of a deal to me as it used to be, so I figure if I want to, I'll quit subscribing for a couple of months and it's no big deal. We'll see. *shrug*

I still am having trouble talking myself into editing "Cricket Song". I'm not sure why. I'm getting fanart up the wazoo for it from my sisters, though, which makes me feel good. Oh, and I now have two competing ideas for Script Frenzy in April. They're both really good. TEST YOUR MIGHT.
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Decided to post an actual update rather than a typical QQ/Bawww post. So here we go:

Work/Money Update: It's looking like I'm going to end the month (barely) in the black, as opposed to in the red. Granted, that's not counting new medical bills and the like, but this is much better than having no reliable income (aka October). My main concern at this point is that work has really nerfed the heck out of my hours now that the holidays are over. The last couple of weeks had me pegged at ~32 hour weeks, this week I've got 20. Only time will tell how that plays out...

Book Update: I'm in the middle of doing some last minute tweaking to "Windshifter" which you may recall I had declared "finished" a couple of months back. Specifically I'm making Windshifter himself a few years younger and then adjusting the ages of other characters accordingly. I've also been throwing in other minor edits as they strike me, but nothing big.

I'm still in e-mail discussion with that furry publisher, though it's sort of starting to turn into a game of tag more than anything. The last I heard they want to get the nod from one more partner (the publishing house is run by a few people) before they ask to read my manuscript. They're being very friendly about it all, and supposedly they get a lot of submissions and between that and the holidays I'm willing to give them the time they need. That said, I'm also prepping myself to start a mass-query-letter-fling to big league agents should this publisher not work out, (or should they end up taking too much longer...)

The Other Book Update: I made myself do some (very) minor edits to "Cricket Song" (aka this year's book) and sent it to my mom and sisters as a Christmas present. Am eager to get some alpha feedback on that before I jump into real editing. (This book will not need nearly as much structural editing as "Windshifter" did, thanks to having a decent outline beforehand.)

WoW Update: I'm playing more WoW than I probably should be, haha. Cataclysm turned out to be a lot more fun than I was expecting. I'm not even spending much time in the high-level zones yet, just dinking around on like a dozen alts and soaking up all the new quests. <3

Hokays, time for work!
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I am sick. Bleh.

But my watch shows up the day after tomorrow! Woot.

The heat in the apartment seems to have officially gone out. This also means that showers are cold and generally un-fun. This wouldn't be as much of an issue if it would actually, you know, stop snowing in the mornings.

Anyways I signed up for this thing which is like Twitter for books, mostly because I wanted to motivate myself into reading more often. It's called GoodReads and it has already inspired me to spend the entire day reading a complete book, so I'd say it's working thus far!

Now I intend to spend the rest of the night working on my own book, while curled up with a blanket and hoodie cause I know it is about to get chilly.

P.S. I resub'd to WoW. Well actually, Nick bought me a game card so we could dork around together in game. I definitely don't want to go back to raiding or any of that stuff that previously devoured my life-- I want this to be a purely social activity this time. To be honest I'd have gone much longer without the game, but it's tough when a.) your entire family plays, and talks about it all the time, b.) most of your coworkers play, and talk about it all of the time, c.) your boyfriend plays, and talks about it all the time, and d.) most of the people you socialize with play, and talk about it all the time. I really had no chance. =S
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So I have like 10 new LJ friends. Probably because of my blog-quit. /wave

Umm what else is going on.

Oh! New blog: http://www.clockworkhare.com :3 for me to ramble on. I will also continue rambling on LJ. I have a lot of post ideas for the new blog, though, and like how I don't feel too tied down to things like guides and informative posts. I mean really, the only people sticking around at the new blog are people who genuinely liked my writing and it's kind of refreshing to know that.

People have been asking me how life is without WoW. Frankly I haven't really missed it yet. I feel like I just ended a relationship and we left on good terms. Still friends, not seeing each other anymore. That's how it is with me and WoW, basically.


Womens' Curling finals Canada vs. Sweden was the most intense thing I've seen in months. Back and forth and tied in the tenth end and Sweden narrowly edges out in the 11th. I about died. Mens' finals are tomorrow and I am SO STOKED.

But then when the Olympics are over I won't get to watch curling again for like four years. /crai


Feb. 24th, 2010 05:31 pm
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Talk about a rough couple o' days.

WoW account is done and blog is closed down for however long. I'm sitting around wondering whether it was the right decision or not.

And then I wake up this morning and find out that my guinea pig Vincent, the last of my two "Original Boys", passed away during the night. It didn't make me quite as sad as Reno's passing did-- primarily because Reno's was after several days of pain and sickness and Vinny looks like he just... fell asleep and didn't wake up. Maybe he was having a nice dream. He lived a long life for a guinea pig. Right up til' the end he liked getting his nose rubbed, and attempting to WHEEK WHEEK WHEEK with that broken and scratchy ol' squeaker-box of his.

I'll miss ya, Vinny.

I was starting to feel really self-conscious about my NaNo, too. It just seems like I've got a list of "Things That Are Wrong With It" and I was kind of feeling overwhelmed. But I got some good feedback from people on Twitter and I had this massive "I'm such an idiot" moment when I suddenly remembered what my own characters would tell me.

Pike: "You guys, I don't know what to do. I'm writing this book about your story and there's so many PROBLEMS and I don't think I can fix them..."

Mantra of Every Single Character In The Freaking Book: "...all problems can be solved?"

Pike: "...you're right, of course."

So I'm feeling a little better about that.

But the WoW-quit and Vincent's unexpected departure still sting.

I'm... I'm gonna go watch curling and draw.

The End

Feb. 23rd, 2010 09:29 pm
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Aaaand logged off. Account expires at some point tomorrow. Probably when I'm at work.

...my mom is already offering to pay for my subscription >_> But I have to take some time off. I have to focus on my book and on money and other stuff and yeah.

Next stop, dealing with the blog and everything.


...at least the U.S. is actually winning a curling match for once, eh? :D ?

Edit: So I went back to the TV and the U.S. is mysteriously down by like three points. I give up. I'm rooting for Canada.
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Doesn't really make sense unless you play World of Warcraft, but maybe you'll find the super-quicky-drawings cute anyway?

Basically a rant about being a "Raiding Beast Master Hunter With a Raptor" in a world of "Raiding Marksmanship/Survival Hunters With Wolves".

And an excuse to draw cute things.

Next stop on the slideshow bus: storyboarding Sparktender's Major Spoiler Scene ^_^ ^_^ (or a "stylized", music-video version of it, anyway.)
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It's been a long time since I made a WoW post, partially cause that's what my blog is for, and partially cause honestly I'm not playing so much these days, but I took this random screenshot of me the other day and it amuses me endlessly for some reason, and I wanted to share it somewhere... so enjoy =P

(I mean seriously, Jack o' Lantern head + Mechanostrider + Grunty... it just makes me giggle xD)

So yah.

Sep. 30th, 2009 04:36 pm
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Quest Designer

Team: World of Warcraft

Blizzard is looking to hire a talented and enthusiastic quest designer for the World of Warcraft team. The position will involve the design and implementation of quest and event content. The ideal candidate must have a deep understanding of game design. This individual will possess an aptitude for critical thinking and analysis as well as demonstrate a mastery of logical problem solving. Creativity is a must.


* Excellent oral and written communications skills
* Experience in Microsoft Word and Excel
* Strong creative writing skills
* Organizational skills
* Ability to work well under deadlines
* Experience playing massively multiplayer online role-playing games
* Experience writing character dialogue, short stories, or quest scripts

Primary Location: United States-CA-Irvine

I applied.

No, seriously. Sent 'em a resume and some cover letter I whipped up in three minutes, and a link to the blog.

Now, I can forget about it, since it's in a big pile with about five hundred other applications, most of whom are probably more qualified than I am! Whee!!
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Warning: The following blog post contains graphic Linux imagery. Reader discretion is advised.

So most everyone knows at this point that I am of the opinion that KDE > Gnome, however, every so often I get the urge to give Gnome another shot. It inevitably culminates in something causing me to run back to KDE. But anyways, this time I was sort of wanting to try something different, so I booted up Gnome instead of KDE. I think I got farther this time than I have in the past-- probably been Gnome a couple days now. This is my Gnome desktop:

It's purdy. Also, I totally have a crush on Mega Man. True story. *cough*

I enabled Compiz because I like it a lot and it plays nicer with Gnome than it does with KDE in my experience. So I also have all these pretty desktop effects and stuff that I really like. It sooooorta interferes with WoW a little and causes it to randomly crash but it doesn't do it very frequently and I figure that the trade-off is worth it because I'm totally a sucker for pretty desktop effects.

Another awesome thing I really like about Gnome: The "Up" button on folders. KDE got rid of this recently for some reason that I cannot fathom.

Things I wasn't too fond of: lack of Ctrl+Alt+Escape (there's probably another keybind for the same effect but I'm lazy), less customization options overall, etc.

ANYWAYS. I was sort of starting to enjoy the purdyness of Gnome+Compiz and then I discovered something horrible. Namely, Gnome+Compiz does NOT play well with taking screenshots in World of Warcraft. Example:

(Why yes, it did take me fifty million years to beat Heroic Oculus)

Looks normal from the outset, but if you take a good look at it, it's all screwed up and tilted and stuff.

In addition, the Gnome screenshot program is inferior to the KDE screenshot program and Gnome also fails to also save a backup screenshot in the WoW screenshot folder.

Soooo, it looks like I'm going back to KDE again because although Gnome+Compiz > KDE... KDE > Gnome-without-Compiz, and I take a lot of screenshots for my blog so it looks like disabling Compiz is gonna have to happen.

Someday I'll get to use my shiny Compiz...
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Murloc Marine minipet, GET! Well, ordered anyway. Don't get it for a few months.

So, good news: I'm not sick (yet), other than my constant sinus issues.

Bad news: I'm not getting next week off from work, because everyone else is sick.

Good news: I'm getting a week off from work in a couple weeks.

Further good news: I think it coincides with BlizzCon so I can actually watch the live stream that I ordered in the name of aforementioned Murloc Marine minipet. xD

Bad news: I got precious little sleep last night for some reason. So I am sleepy and out of it. Because of this, and because working six days a week is killer, I do not think I am going to go to my part-time job today. It's bad because I need the money but I also need my sanity ya know? When I get my week off from the pet store in a few weeks I'll go into my part-time job a few times then. Ahaha. You know you have a problem when vacation means "Yay, I can go work at my other job!" x_X

Hey Eric

Jun. 12th, 2009 08:41 pm
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...but I cheated and died and then got a battle-rez at the end >.> Still, I can pretend I'm as cool as that one screenshot you posted, right? xD
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Today I put a donation button on my blog. Twelve hours later and I've already received three donations. My art commissions aren't up yet so these are just people helping me out, because of the goodness of their hearts. Now one of those people was the ever so awesometacular [livejournal.com profile] azuhuxley_daioh who I <3 muchly, but the other two people, gosh, I've never met 'em. It's very touching to me. <3 The human race is, at its core, Very Good, I think.

In semi-related news, myself and a bunch of fellow WoW bloggers who are unable to attend BlizzCon are planning something devious: TwizzCon! A portmanteau of Twitter (our main haunting grounds) and BlizzCon, and it is going to involve everyone downloading the BlizzCon live stream, getting on some Ventrilo server somewhere, and going fracking MST3K on everything. Totally going to ask work off for it. I am super excited. I love this crazy community that is collectively best known as "Blog Azeroth" (or maybe more appropriately, the Twitterati) xD

<---- doooork.

I am going to be "officially" opening art commissions soon, now that I've hinted that it's coming on my site. I'm really nervous about it. I've already gotten an e-mail from Mania at Petopia aka only the BIGGEST HUNTER PET COMPENDIUM ON THE INTERWEBS about an art request. Sooo nervous. By the way if anybody has any details on the mechanics on how you actually go about it all (do you just like... send the buyer to a PayPal page and then you e-mail them the art once you get it? Or is there some automated way to do it? I've no clue) then any advice would be lurvely! xD
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Next up: coloring it in and adding a background... which I'm thinking will be a screenshot from the actual encounter.



Soooo... think I can get a decent screenshot off of Heigan tonight without dying? >.> I couldn't find any good ones on the interwebs, oddly enough.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

According to everybody in Trade Chat in World of Warcraft right now...yes, the zombie invasion world event is horrible and awful and interrupting rep grinds and questing and being turned into a zombie is suffering-to-the-max and people are quitting the game.


Note: I mean no disrespect to any of you WoW players on my friends list who dislike the zombie event. In many ways, I can understand where you're coming from. But honestly I was always the psycho who wanted to log in one day and find out that Ironforge or Stormwind had been completely obliterated and we'd have to deal with it. This is probably the closest we're gonna get and it's super fantastic and exciting and I <3 it. I mean come on, "Zombies killed my quest giver"? Re-read that sentence and tell me that's not awesome.

In other news, my site is still down *grumbles*

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