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Sep. 25th, 2013 05:24 pm
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Huxley and I are engaged as of today. :3
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I am in Northern Ireland right now and it is pretty great even if the weather is awful
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Well I'm fairly certain that most people have figured this out by now but I think I'm pretty much done with LiveJournal. I never update anymore, 95% of my friends' list doesn't update anymore (and most haven't in years), and most of you have me on various other social networks anyway. I've got nearly ten years of history on this site and a lot has happened in those ten years, both good and bad, which I'm not gonna sit here and recap, but things are going decently at the moment, I suppose. I'm still in retail, but it's the tolerable side of retail, I'm going to England in two weeks, and I seem to be on track to finally joining the adult world at some point in the next two years or so. Not bad overall.

Anyways, I wouldn't expect many new entries here in the future, if at all. If you want to contact me I'm pikestaff on... pretty much everywhere. Twitter, Tumblr, Steam, Facebook (yes Facebook.) Feel free to look me up and add me on any of those and I'll add you back... let me know who you are first.

Stay chilly, free willies!
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I'm not sure if I'm getting sick or not. Maybe? I'm chugging down Vitamin C just in case.

In other news work is cutting my hours like crazy. As nice as it is to have 3-4 days off a week, my paycheck is crying tears of pain and anguish. Despite that, I still like my job quite a lot.

So I'm never on LJ anymore, how is everyone??
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So in case you're one of the two people who still follows me here and not at Twitter/Facebook, I did in fact win my fourth straight NaNoWriMo. Pretty happy with the result thus far, too. The story isn't finished yet so I'm still plugging along.

I ordered parts for a new computer a few days ago and they should be arriving at some point today or tomorrow. I think I am going to go crazy refreshing the FedEx tracking page.
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Somehow I'm still NaNo'ing despite flailing around in that portion of every book where nothing exciting is happening

28,960 words! And I haven't written today's quota yet.

Gonna make this 4/4, scrublords
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Right on the button every day. Lemme tell ya maintaining a 1700 word average every day for a month is not easy. Halfway there, though.

Such a research intensive book! I worry that I'm not getting parts of the culture or language right and the last thing I want to do is disrespect those. I feel better, though, telling myself that once I finish the draft I'm going to go into hardcore Research Mode while I edit. :}

EDIT: Did LJ finally stop begging me to change my password after ever single new post? Took 'em like six years to get around to that!


Oct. 9th, 2012 07:36 am
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I have a great new idea for a post-apoc/cyberpunk kid's book.

"But Pike, you can't write a post-apoc/cyberpunk kid's book!"

Yes I can, or my name isn't Pike S. Taff!


Sep. 16th, 2012 07:11 pm
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Huxley just spent like... three hours with me in Ahn'Qiraj so he could help me tame raid bosses and stuff.

He is my favorite boy! :D


Sep. 16th, 2012 10:09 am
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I just bought more paid livejournal time for no other reason than not wanting to lose all my user icons.

I am kind of pathetic.
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LJ sent me an email telling me that my paid account expires in like a week.

I'm torn because on the one hand I pretty much never post anymore (although I still show up every other day or so to read my friends' list!) but on the other hand if my paid account goes away I lose like 50 of my user icons or something and I like them :( :(
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I resubbed to WoW. I know I haven't played it in forever but I wanted to try out transmog and the other new stuff they've added since I last played. I transmogged Tawyn into her Karazhan gear so now she looks like this icon... just the way I have always remembered her. :) It makes playing that much more fun, which sounds silly, but it's true!

I have no idea if I'm sticking around or not. Probably long enough to see the new patch hit at least. I don't see myself going back to raiding or anything in the foreseeable future but who knows.

Now I have to pick a character to levelboost to 80 since I get that for free, apparently.
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Morrowind is so great.
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Good news everyone!

I'm going to pay off my car this month.

Also my new job is going pretty well.

Also I finished the first read-through and edit of my next book. Onward to the next!

Two things.

Aug. 1st, 2012 07:03 pm
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1.) I am updating this for Tig because he was bugging me about it in #eoff #pony, and
2.) Tig do you even HAVE an LJ?
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Okay, so apparently I'm really bad at trying to get into the swing of LJ again. Sorry about that!

My body has finally adjusted to my odd work schedule and now I can actually fall right asleep at 7pm instead of lay awake forever. So that's good. My job is going pretty well, which is also good. I'm working a pretty steady six days a week, which isn't as bad as one might think because most of the shifts are in the 5-6 hour range, and I can handle that.

I'm excited for a couple of months from now when I'll have my car entirely paid off and the paychecks from this bugger start coming in!
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The new job is going pretty well so far; it's pretty straightforward and even relaxing at times, and the work itself goes by very quickly. Best of all: NO CUSTOMERS TO DEAL WITH and NO STUPID METRICS TO MEET.

I'm not getting a whole lot of hours thus far-- apparently new employees get to leave about halfway through the "full shift" while they're still training, and training lasts a couple of weeks-- but hopefully things will pick up once I get out of training. In the meantime, it feels good to be home and done with work for the day by 9am.
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Target orientation went pretty well. A lot of things have changed in the last ten years but a lot more have stayed the same. Same stuff, different people. I've gotta say that Target has got it "together" more than probably any other retail job I've ever worked, so it's nice to have that over Sears Holding's big mess.

I knew I was back for sure when they passed out employee ID numbers and mine was the exact same one I had ten years ago. Good to see they keep you on file for life, apparently!

Anyways tonight I go to bed at 7pm to be up bright and early at 3am tomorrow so we'll see how that goes.

In other news I've been looking into immigration stuff for various countries to see how Hux and I are going to go about that. The UK is a GIANT PAIN to get into, and so is Canada, surprisingly (I looked into that as a possible "neutral country" option.) So far, Hux coming to the US is looking like the best option-- which is saying a lot considering that the US is still a difficult nut to crack-- and then we'll have Ireland, which has a relatively lax immigration policy, as a backup in case the US doesn't work for whatever reason.

So yeah!
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LiveJournal: Not just for Sarah anymore!

Hey guys, no more Kmart EVER. Granted, that's what I said about Target seven years ago and now I'm coming crawling back, but meh. Things are looking good at this point. My car will be paid off... probably next month, and then I can really focus on some of my medical bills and the like. If everything goes well I might be able to get myself a little place again by this time next year.

It'll be exciting!

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